Black Wedding Dress Inspiration

Catalina Bloch 51

Content Halloween! In the spirit of all issues darkly fashionable these days we have a romantic however haunting wedding styled shoot from stylist Catalina Bloch and photographer Kim Ing Photography! Showing us that not almost everything black has to be scary, take a appear at this wonderfully sophisticated desert black wedding…. Read More

Artistically Fascinating Roma Roma Wallpapers By Yo2

artistically-exciting-roma-roma-wallpapers-yo2-1.jpg The Roma Roma collection by Yo2 is a digitally printed series of wallpapers with three colour variations per design and style. Each style is printed on a higher quality non-woven foundation for a final effect that seems as if it is in truth genuine art – but the type that is completely washable. artistically-exciting-roma-roma-wallpapers-yo2-2.jpg Strips are manufactured 46.5Wx270H cm, however endless size panels can be ordered. In case of different height specifications, the wallpapers can be customized accordingly. artistically-exciting-roma-roma-wallpapers-yo2-3.jpg The material used for the Roma Roma series is a non-woven 130gram per m2 non-pvc substrate with a 50gram per m2 aqua acrylic best layer. artistically-exciting-roma-roma-wallpapers-yo2-4.jpg The surface of the wallpapers are defined by their textile/fabric properties. artistically-exciting-roma-roma-wallpapers-yo2-5.jpg Roma Roma is noticeably stronger then a normal wallpaper – and a lot prettier also! artistically-exciting-roma-roma-wallpapers-yo2-6.jpg The surfaces are all washable with enhanced scratch resistance. artistically-exciting-roma-roma-wallpapers-yo2-7.jpg Every section of wallpaper has dimensional stability with no stretching or shrinking and can be removed in a dry condition for redecoration – offered the proper paste was utilized on installation. artistically-exciting-roma-roma-wallpapers-yo2-8.jpg If the pattern reaches over more then 1 panel, numerous strips are rolled into a reel subsequent to every single other with every single strip Identified by a quantity. Application is in numerical order from left to right. artistically-exciting-roma-roma-wallpapers-yo2-9.jpg All the Roma Roma wallpapers are developed in the Netherlands. artistically-exciting-roma-roma-wallpapers-yo2-10.jpg Every single design is printed on higher quality non-woven foundation that meets the highest requirements of washability and fire resistance. artistically-exciting-roma-roma-wallpapers-yo2-11.jpg Yo2 email Read More