Spectacular Villa In China By Francesco Morfini E Fabio Rispo

In today’s blog post I would like to share with you spectacular interior style project, accomplished lately by Italian architects Francesco Morfini e Fabio Rispo. This sensational villa is part of the huge residential complicated, situated in China. The villas have the total area of about 2000 square meters, distributed on 4 levels . Read More

Modern I-Pad Faucet Stand Design And Style From Ceramic

Welcome to the era when almost everything is sophisticated but, nonetheless functional. This is the i-Pad faucet stand that show the trendy and functional character. The unique design of this stand is equivalent with the faucet technique. Don’t consider that this stand is the genuine faucet, given that this stand faucet is just the imitation and the function is totally different. The contemporary i-Pad stand faucet that we can see in this assessment is totally try to give some thing new interpretation for us that we can make anything unusual design and style nevertheless with the usual function. [via] Read More

Roos Van Dijk’s Architectural Paintings

branshorst_01_websiteArchitecture, we&#8217re content to note, is increasingly obtaining a place in contemporary art, as illustrated by the function of the young Dutch painter Roos Van Dijk. Much like the British artist Rebecca Telford—whose work was recently featured here—Van Dijk finds endless opportunities in the facades of buildings to display her instinct for graphic patterning and geometric compositions. Her paintings of contemporary structures are exactingly rendered in acrylic, the final iteration of architectural observations initially captured in photographs. Van Dijk&#8217s reductive, stylized images turn modern architecture&#8217s mundane elements—grids of windows, vertical stacks of balconies, intervals of shadows, monochromatic color schemes—into some thing altogether prettier and, in so undertaking, they force us to look at the ordinary in fresh new light, too. As all good art does.
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By way of Roos van Dijk Read More