Soufuu: A Meeting Spot For Rest And Disconnection

With everyone becoming plugged into their devices 24/7, it is tough to remain connected to people in true life. Jordi Iranzo looked to techniques to fix that by generating a playful meeting spot that gives people the opportunity to connect with others whilst they disconnect from their phones. Soufuu encourages you and your friends to meet up and start off some new habits, like resting and disconnection. Read More

Timber Shed Upkeep: In, Out And All About

Most of us have a shed or a summer time residence in the garden for storing all manner of ‘stuff’ some of us use the developing as a workshop, or a studio, or a storeroom and maintain it looking good. A question a lot of folks ask is: What can I do to make my shed last for numerous years? The answer shouldn’t come as a great surprise: Standard and thorough upkeep is key. Read More

Modern Courtyard Home Surrounded By Lush Japanese Gardens

Contemporary Courtyard House-Jamie Bush-17-1 KindesignThis two-story modern courtyard residence was designed by Jamie Bush + Co., surrounded by abundant Japanese gardens in Santa Monica, California. The exterior facade of this residence gives a sober aesthetic a mix of board formed concrete on the very first level and redwood on the upper level. The material components applied on the exterior helps to set [&#8230] Read More