Hey! A Lovely Tiny Space: A Couple And A Cat, Double Happiness

What is happiness? This query has been inspiring the greatest minds for thousands of years already. But the young household from the Sanchong District of New Taipei City, Taiwan, look to have located the answer! Living in 1 of the most densely populated neighborhoods in Taiwan, they think that happiness has to be identified in such seemingly trivial things as spending time with your beloved, having a cat rubbing against your ankles and sipping hot tea at home in the course of the weekend. So, it was not in the least surprising that this sweet homely couple wanted their little apartment to be as homey and cozy as attainable. At the same time, they hold the future baby in thoughts, and functional aspects had to be considered as effectively. Read More

How To Make Macarons To Add A Sweet Touch To Your Home

&#160 If you have been browsing how to make macarons since you’re a Laudre obsessive, I am too. So significantly so, that I want to make my bathroom look like the inside of their Parisian store. I’m a extended way off, but this small Macaron project is a excellent commence. The cause I chose Sugru [&#8230] Read More