Have To-have Bathroom Accessories

Ask any lady and she’ll tell you that the coziest room at house is the bathroom. Or… so it must be! No wonder that armies of interior designers burst out dozens of types, colors and décor trends committed to the bathroom. And this is only superb, for this enormous selection aids the new residence owners or the sensible renovators in choosing the bathroom of their liking. Read More

Penthouse MK: Lavish Hub Showcases Sparkling Views Of Mexico City

If you can’t wake up to a view of a breezy beach and crashing waves outdoors your window or do not have a house that overlooks a relaxing, woodsy landscape, then a glittering view of the city skyline is indeed the next greatest alternative. Situated in the heart of Mexico City and perched atop a modern constructing with a glass façade, Penthouse MK is all about spectacular views, a luxurious life style and a refined geometric style that is each urbane and engaging. Conjured up and brought to life by Archetonic, the contemporary house is spread across two opulent levels that are draped in sculptural beauty and develop a crisp, clean living atmosphere. Read More