Hawaiian Hospitality Gets A Neon Makeover At The New Shoreline Hotel In Waikiki

Designing for hospitality in Hawaii can often lean very cliché. I bet you’re already thinking of lush green Monstera and palm leaves, pink bulbous hibiscus flowers, cowrey shells and prints reminiscent of kitschy Hawaiian shirts, am I right? Not that those aren’t iconic motifs of Hawaii but hotels that incorporate these elements as the main focal points in their interior design run the risk of looking like every other hotel on the island, aka boring and overdone. Read More

25 Tiny Apartment Dining Rooms That Save Space And Multitask!

Adding a dining area to the already tiny urban apartment feels like an extravagance at times. It is easy to understand why many homeowners struggle to create the perfect dining area in the small apartment where every square inch matters immensely. But with the right amount of creativity and proper planning you can easily add a smart dining area without sacrificing too much space. This lovely little niche can also double as a work area in the tiny apartment or act as a cozy conversation nook when needed. The idea here is to create a dining space that interacts with the kitchen, living area and other areas next to it effortlessly. Read More

How To Make Your Own Room Spray

If you have ever wondered how to make your own room spray, so have I. Room spray or air freshners has always been such a mission for me to choose and find. Most of the sprays seem to smell fine initially but then gradually either I start to dislike ir or I simply get tired […] Read More