Sensational Grace Loves Lace ICON 2018 Collection For The Modern Bride

Talk about iconic! These brilliant Grace Loves Lace wedding dresses from newly launched ICON 2018 Collection are perfection for the modern bride. The fresh collection is inspired by the most legendary and influential females from past and present, and includes an impressive range of daring and adventurous designs. “The range plays to the strengths of Grace Loves Lace — comfortable fits, effortless silhouettes and unexpected fabric combinations. Each dress is treated like a work of art and tells a unique story.” ICON was made to celebrate women and their bodies, their characters and their own ideas of what a bride should be. The gowns themselves are down right stunning with texture and comfortability to maintain confidence. The full skirts play to the strength of curvy shapes while artistic trims add drama the the classic Grace Loves Lace layering structure. Intricate details like metallic beading, iridescent threading and garden embroidery keep us on our toes with more eye-catching details than we realize at first sight. These dreamy, down-to-earth gowns don’t sacrifice style for comfort; they push the boundaries for creativity that still nods to bridal tradition. Grace Loves Lace wedding dresses continue to blow us away, and we’re loving every part of this ICON Collection concept. Scroll down to explore the gorgeous works of art! Read More

Natural Extraordinary Stone Fence Designs

Having these amazing stone fence constructions probably can make us feeling secure and don’t have to be worry with our kids when they were play around the garden. The stone material that uses to build this fence can be change with other material if we want. We can try to use wood or an ordinary metal or iron work for this appliance. The appearance of this stone fence was indicating both natural and down to earth since we just arrange the stone in one iron or metal box. These pictures below were totally showed up the landscape of the fence included with the appearance of the box. We can place this fence as the simple security system for our home. Applying these exceptional house stone fence ideas probably not as easy as we were imagine since we have to make sure the similarity size of the stone and the paint of the stone. The abstract pattern probably will make this exterior furnishing plans more attractive. If we were apply this fence, better for us to thought other complement of this fence; say for example the flooring tile of the garden and the planters of the garden. Through catch up the extraordinary home appliance furnishing plans now we can try these applicable home fence designs.[via] Read More

5 Reasons Your Architect Tells You No

When working with an architect to create a new home, you’ll have a lot of input — to be expected, considering you’re the one who will eventually live in the home. But even though your satisfaction is your architect’s first priority, there still may be times that your architect tells you no. Years of education and experience means your architect knows what is and isn’t possible; if your architect says something can’t or shouldn’t be done, there’s probably a good reason why. Here are some of the biggest. Read More

Beach House Decor That Bring Summer To Your Home All Year Round

If you are lucky enough to own a beach house, then you know the best part is decorating the space to bring the beach vibes directly indoor. However, if you are not as fortunate, there’re different ways you can take your home from “ordinary” to beach house galore. Here are a few easy beach house decorating ideas that bring summer directly into your home all year round. Read More