Tobias Rehberge Cafeteria

Cool Cafeteria Design Showcasing Contemporary Art Inspiration

by designer on Might 27th, 2013 |


We’re confident that all of you have entered in a cafeteria at least as soon as in life and could bear in mind how uninspired and unattractive design display most of them, so nowadays we’re displaying you a totally distinctive and in the very same time surprising cafeteria design for which the internationally acclaimed artist Tobias Rehberger received the Golden Lion as ideal artist at the 53rd International Art Exhibition, La Biennale di Venezia.

Tobias Rehberge Cafeteria

We have to recognize that this cafeteria notion have absolutely nothing in widespread with those we know and it’s genuinely a quite inspiring place that reinvented the previous approaches of exhibition and turned its operate of art into a trendy cafeteria. The contemporary art cafeteria named “Was du liebst, bringt dicht auch zum weinen” (“What do you really like also tends to make you cry” in German) showcases geometric shapes and vibrant constrasting colors which intersects and interrupts each other forming complicated patterns, a decorative style inspired by dazzle camouflage or dazzle painting used quite a lot in World War I as a form of visual military deception.

The outcome was an amazingly cool atmosphere that indeed created visually desorientation for the viewers and impressed by way of the ingenious use of customized furniture from Finnish furniture company Artek that complement and complete the entire design. This retro-inspired contemporary art cafeteria (if that tends to make any sense) pointed also the concept that catering halls deserve a far more inventive and artistic interest than they have in this moment. How do you comment this method?

Cafeteria with dazzling design

Colorful design with geometric shapes

Colorful stools

Creative chair designs

Tobias Rehberge Cafeteria 01

Pictures © Katja Hagelstam and Wolfgang Guenzel