For Food Aesthetes, Molecular Popsicles

kylHow does a straightforward popsicle turn into an “individual life-style food item?” By being whipped up in Berlin’s The Science Kitchen by a chef and “food scientist”—and yes, by looking like this!

The brainchild of David Marx, The Science Kitchen, an experimental meals lab born of the desire to generate ice cream that proved to be “empowering, revitalizing, even healthier,” has spawned the vegan and lactose totally free KYL21 popsicle line, the most current entry into the avant-garde food discipline identified as molecular cuisine.

Needless to say, such meticulous focus to taste demands an equally transcendent physical type, and the aesthetically-driven Marx—his background is in item design—eschewed the normal cylindrical popsicle mold for a range of jewel-like, faceted geometric types. Valuable, don’t you feel?

3-Eis_am_Stiel kyl

Credits: Kyl21, Platoon