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Sitting Fairly: Cool Modern Day Chairs & Accents By Marco Sousa Santos

There’s contemporary design that’s organic in type and pleasing to the eye, there’s contemporary design that provokes and ignites with its progressive stance, and there’s modern design that’s kind of an eyesore serving no true objective whatsoever.  Being fans of the former two and not so a lot the latter, we’re admitted fans of Marco Sousa Santos’ function with the Portuguese furnishings brand, Branca Lisboa.  His most current collection, featured now in the business’s 2013 catalogue, is predominantly white and ash blonde, with hints of bold, bright color to break what could otherwise turn into monotonous had been it not so goshdarned fairly.  The blend of components employed in his cool modern day chairs, like the achingly simple wooden side chair that fades into a comfy however nonetheless straightforward compound of white foam and rubber at the spine, make for a subtly elegant and understated collection of furnishings. Says the brand itself of its processes and vision: “By uniting Portuguese craftsmanship traditions with contemporary aesthetics, BRANCA aims to reignite the bygone era when merchandise were developed with patience, expertise, information and integrity, aiming to really reach the level of a high-end international item brand.” We’d say it’s carried out just that indeed.

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Photo credits: Marco Sousa Santos for Branca-Lisboa

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