Deep Blue Color In Latest Interior Collections

To some extent deep blue colour appears to be too gloomy for moderate climate. But in fact blue is soothing, excellent for obtaining very good rest after a lengthy day, and also deemed to be a color of leaders and creative personalities. Can you envision how several splendid suggestions can to come to your thoughts in a blue interior? We have chosen a handful of for you and would like to share them these days.


Let’s begin with American brand Crate and Barrel, which has foreseen a complete set of furnishing, décor and home textile in saturated blue color: carpets, photos, arm-chairs, blankets, couch pillows and an sophisticated Durham sofa.

0-Durham-Sofa-blue-and-white-living-room-arm-chairs-Crate-and-Barrel-blue-curtains-crystal-chandelier-classical-style 1-total-blue-bedroom-interior-Crate-and-Barrel-blue-headboard-wallpaper 2-blue-and-white-couch-pillow-Crate-and-Barrel 3-blue-capitone-chair-Crate-and-Barrel 4-blue-Crate-and-Barrel-knitted-blanket 5-blue-table-napkin-Crate-and-Barrel

Plenty of minimalist upholstered furniture in Scandinavian style was introduced by Vitra Company from Sweden. Here there is a huge option of versatile blue hues – from light to deep and warm.

6-blue-Vitra-sofa-big-shelving-unit-scandinavian-style-living-room-interior 7-blue-velevt-Vitra-sofas-ottoman-scandinavian-style-living-space-interior 8-blue-Vitra-dining-area-furniture-chairs 9-blue-Vitra-corner-sofa

More and much more usually total blue show rooms are arranged by the Dutch brand Eichholtz. Sights are set upon sitting groups, carpeting, cabinet furniture, accessories, China bowls and versatile tableware. And art-décor interiors can be blue as nicely.

10-total-blue-living-dining-area-interior-Eichholtz-total-blue-area-carpet-walls-furnishings-neo-classical-style 11-total-blue-living-area-interior-sitting-group-Eichholtz-china-bowls-fireplace-neo-classical-style 12-blue-Eichholtz-total-blue-area-decorative-plates-on-the-wall 13-blue-Eichholtz-total-blue-area-ottomans-padded-stools 14-blue-Eichholtz-total-blue-area-capitone-sofa-classical-style-living-area-interior

German manufacturers (Nolte brand) think that deep blue colour would be very good for kitchens and dining rooms. Shiny and glossy or textured wooden faces of kitchen sets each appear splendid in interiors and by no means go out of fashion. But if having a new kitchen set is not element of your program, an Italian refrigerator by Smeg may grow to be one thing blue in your kitchen.

15-blue-glossy-Nolte-German-kitchen-furnishings-set-kitchen-island 16-blue-wooden-Nolte-German-kitchen-furnishings-set-kitchen-island-conventional-classical-style 17-blue-glossy-Nolte-German-kitchen-furniture-set-minimalist-style 18-blue-glossy-Nolte-German-kitchen-furniture-set-minimalist-style 19-blue-tall-smeg-refrigerator-fridge

Speaking of kitchen, it’s not possible to set the tableware aside. A huge decision of blue motives is presented by versatile porcelain brands.

20-blue-and-white-Villeroy-&-Boch-tableware-set 21-blue-and-white-Villeroy-&-Boch-tableware-set 22-blue-white-golden-tableware-china-set 23-blue-and-white-china-porcelain-plates-floral-pattern 24-blue-and-white-porcelain-china-plates

And of course, all the blue beauty wouldn’t mind a blue cover: wallpaper or house textile of the leading-trend color of the season.

25-blue-and-white-Manders-wallpaper 26-blue-home-textile-Manders-curtains 28-blue-home-textile-wallpaper-Manders-curtains 27-blue-home-textile-Manders-curtains