Decoration Ideas

Terracotta Pendant Lamps Inspired By Rigatoni Pasta

After you catch the the name of these terracotta pendant lights, it is not challenging to see just how the inspiration shaped the style. Design studio Mentsen developed the cluster lamp series Rigatoni for Hand &amp Eye Studio with vertical ridges down the sides that mimic similar indentions on the tube-shaped pasta of the identical name. Read More

10 Modern Things To Elevate Your Subsequent Picnic

It’s officially summer for several of us, which means dining al fresco beneath (hopefully) blue skies is lastly a possibility. Even better is taking your meal someplace other than your patio for a totally various encounter. We’re huge fans of picnics so we thought we’d scope out some goods that would make a good picnic wonderful. Check out these 10 modern finds that will undoubtedly raise your picnic game up a couple of notches. Read More

Lena Beigel Creates A Unique Way To Knowledge Meals

German-based designer Lena Beigel explores a new way to plate and encounter meals in her project called Supertaster 2.. Triangular dishes in varying heights, which fit inside wooden trays, can be configured in any way you choose to represent the tasting knowledge you want to have. Read More

A Contemporary Property In Takapuna, Auckland, That Opens Out To The Sea

Bossley Architects not too long ago completed the White House, a design that features a series of spaces that start at the south-facing entryway and continue to the north-facing living regions, which then open out to Rangitoto and Takapuna Beach. Positioned in Takapuna, Auckland, the home’s inviting entry is clad with vertical cedar boards that start off off as a fence and continue to turn out to be the exterior siding of the home. Read More

Makerball: A Straightforward, DIY Pinball Machine Kit

I’m a pinball lover, which is not to be mistaken for a pinball wizard (if you are not singing that song however, you must be!), simply because I’m not very good – I just really like it. That mentioned, I’m not lucky adequate to own a machine of my personal, but that could easily modify with a little imagination, 30-60 minutes, and this DIY kit from the people at MAKE &amp PLAY. Makerball lets you take factors into your personal hands to make your really personal pinball machine at property. Read More