Decoration Ideas

9 Modern Bunk Beds That Will Bring Your Kids Sweet Dreams

Most likely if you have at least one kid, you’ve considered getting bunk beds or your kid has tried to convince you to buy them. There’s something about childhood and bunk beds feeling like a rite of passage. Not only can you sleep two kids in the space that would normally only fit one bed, but sometimes you get storage as a bonus. Plus, kids think the top bunk is the coolest thing ever. So whether space is an issue or you just want a fun addition to your child’s room, take a look at these nine modern loft and bunk beds for ideas. Read More

Strange Days By Bec Brittain With Material Lust And Alex P. White

Strange Days is an installation curated by New York-based designer Bec Brittain featuring Material Lust and Alex P. White. The collaborative show displays unusual and idiosyncratic pieces in a comfortable and familiar manner, transforming the objects into luxurious delicacies when viewed as a whole. Read More

IKEA Releases The YPPERLIG Collection From HAY

This month IKEA has launched one of the most anticipated collaborations ever, with none other than Danish design brand HAY. The Copenhagen-based duo, Mette and Rolf Hay, bring their beloved design aesthetic to the YPPERLIG collection of products, including seating, coffee tables, lighting, textiles, and accessories, all at IKEA’s affordable pricing. They also gave IKEA’s iconic blue bag an update! Read More

Contemporary Rotunda In The Czech Republic By Atelier Štepán

Recently completed by Moravian architectural studio Atelier Štěpán, this contemporary rotunda is the home of the Church of St. Wenceslas in the Czech Republic’s Sazovice. The modern structure began as just a cylinder, as the circle has always been considered a divine symbol, and while referencing a rotunda from the 10th century, this design was born. Read More

LDF17: Faye Toogood’s Trade Show Exhibition

Turning the concept of a ‘trade show’ on its head, Faye Toogood selected 50 leading creatives, from a wide range of disciplines, from furniture design to art and photography and presented each of them with one of her signature Spade chairs – created for this project in a special limited-edition sandcast-aluminum. In return, she asked them to donate a piece of their own work – the donated work formed her Trade Show exhibition at the London Design Festival in the Garage Gallery in Brompton, where Toogood launched her debut furniture collection – and the original Space Chair – in 2010. Read More