Decoration Ideas

This Artist-Designed Travel Bag Is Made By 8HZ With 23 Recycled Plastic Bottles

These days, sustainability is a big factor that impacts consumer choices and purchases. It’s not enough that a product looks good or works well. Consumers want full disclosure and transparency into the details of their purchase so that they can make an informed purchase, most of the time preferring the company or brand that promotes sustainability and advocates for positive change to better the world. Read More

Altered States: A Water-Inspired Take On The Kitchen Island By Snarkitecture + Caesarstone

The kitchen island has become one of the most utilitarian spaces in a home, moving from just a place for cooking to a place to entertain and gather around amongst friends and family. As the first part of their 2018 collaboration, leading quartz manufacturer Caesarstone and multi-design practice Snarkitecture have taken the main hub of the home and put it front and center in their Altered States installation. Inspired by water, a main ingredient in any kitchen, Snarkitecture created four kitchen islands – titled Ice Island, Water Island, Steam Island and Play Island – using Caesarstone surfaces that explore water’s “changing states” in both the kitchen and nature. Read More

4 Shipping Containers Become A Classroom At Bard College

We featured Maziar Behrooz Architecture’s shipping container studio several years ago and since then they’ve become MB Architecture and have continued on working with shipping containers. One of their latest projects involved designing a media and technology classroom for students at Bard College with a \$100,000 grant. Due to the limited resources, they explored stacking two pairs of budget-friendly shipping containers to form the 960-square-foot Bard Media Lab. Read More

Love Hultén Designs The Most Beautiful Retro-Futuristic Devices

Designer ​Love Hultén’s deft ability to combine the traditional with the futuristic has been long on our radar, an aptitude he’s continued evolving from his studio in Gothenburg, Sweden over the years into a wondrously colorful catalog of one-of-kind, handmade working artifacts imagining an unrealized and alternative future where buttons and dials still rule. Behold, these gaming, audio, musical and communication devices exhibiting a delightful aesthetic evoking the best of LEGO and the cult classic, The Prisoner. Read More

Native Union Smart Charger International Is A Passport To Power

One of the smallest details responsible for the largest headache for anyone regularly working abroad: the dearth of accessible and compatible electrical outlets made available in most hotels. Seasoned “work anywhere/everywhere” pros carry power adapters (and portable chargers) in multitude to keep their gear powered up, but most adapters tend to be bulky and ugly multi-piece affairs. Thus, our glowing approval of Native Union’s Smart Charger International, a svelte and modern solution designed to keep 2-4 peripherals topped off. Read More