Decoration Ideas

Tiny House For Under $1,000

No doubt the tiny house is everyone’s dream. You also would like to have such a dwelling but are unwilling to spend much money on it? Here we offer you to the arched cabin! The standard model 8 by 8 can be your own for under \$1,000 but if you say 8 by 8 is not enough for you , there are larger sizes like 24 by 24. Besides saving a lot of money by choosing this type of tiny home, the company that sells them constructs the whole thing after delivering it to your address. You can decorate this modern tiny house in any way you want. Below there are pictures to get a better decoration of what life in one of these cabins would be like. Read More

Get Ready And Get Organized For Back-To-School!

It’s August which means it’s time for students to be heading back to school. Starting a new year, especially in college, can be daunting so you definitely want to make sure you’re prepared, and more importantly, organized. To help out, we rounded up ten must-haves for those students heading off to campuses worldwide. Read More

JOI-Design Bridges Past With Present At The Capri By Fraser Berlin

While contemporary hotels are fun to experience, the real beauty of visiting a new city is getting to know its history and culture. With this in mind, JOI-Design bridges the past and future of Berlin at the new Capri by Fraser Berlin hotel. Located on Spree Island at the Petriplatz city square, this modern hotel integrates with a museum and church to give guests a unique destination to explore, all the while learning about the city’s heritage. Read More

Modern Water Containers That Reference Historical Times

With much research being done looking at historical water storing methods, researchers have been able to gather vast information regarding ancient civilizations by examining the differences in materials and designs from earthenware artifacts. This led Tel Aviv-based designer Talia Mukmel to come up with a contemporary water bottle that still managed to reference historical times. Read More