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Style Milk Travels To… Montréal

Don’t be fooled. Regardless of its Old Planet architecture, cobblestone streets, and century-old facades, Montréal is a bustling hub of culture, design, art, food… the list goes on. Only a train ride away from New York City (and a gorgeous 1 at that), Montréal also occurs to be the second largest French-speaking city in the world! Due to the intriguing juxtaposition of old and new planet, Montréal has its own romantic charm that distinguishes it from Paris and any other city, at that. Get a glimpse of that certain je ne sais quoi that each residents and guests alike describe when going to this glittering metropolis. Read More

Milan Design Week 2017: Färg & Blanche’s Armour Mon Armor

Stockholm-based Swedish-French style duo Färg &amp Blanche are identified for their experimental upholstery, which in the past has noticed them sew through wood and type objects from molded felt. Inspired by a 3-month residency in Japan and in certain by the armor worn by Samurai warriors, for their latest furnishings collection, they have been putting metal by way of their hardy sewing machines. Read More

10 Modern Day Gifts To Show Your Mom Some Love

Mother’s Day is barely 2.5 weeks away so it is time to think about how to shower all the moms in your life with a small bit of love and appreciation. We need to adorn them, self-care them, and cozy them up with some thing they may well not buy themselves. Out of tips? We rounded up 10 gifts we think any mother (or human) would really like to get. Read More

The CYLNDR Electric Shaver Waves Whiskers Away

Industrial style student Masamaro Fujiki’s CYLNDR concept takes an interesting detour away from the generally staid and homogenous realm of electric shaver industrial style. Despite differing bells and whistles, most electric shavers share the recognizable perpendicular design of deal with with head. Not the CYLNDR – an oversized cigar-shaped shaving tool that looks as opposed to anything at the moment offered for whisker-wacking duty. Read More

The Kanuhura Maldives: A Gypsetter’s Paradise

Whenever I ask a group of buddies exactly where they’d like to take a dream vacation, it never requires as well extended for an individual to shout out “The Maldives!” and it is no challenging activity to comprehend why. Crystal clear waters, white sand beaches, tranquil solace away from civilization — what’s not to really like? At the Kanuhura Maldives, you’ll experience all of this and far more since MUZA Lab has redesigned the exclusive island retreat for the contemporary gypsetter, a word that combines the concepts of a gypsy and the jet set way of life. Ideally, a gypsetter is totally free-spirited, sophisticated, effectively-travelled, and finds excitement in traveling to new destinations. At that definition, aren’t we all gypsetters at heart? Read More