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Classic Furniture Ideas

Furniture ideas for the classical interior may be some true bit sound old-fashioned, but this large and elegant leather furniture of gamma will certainly never go out of fashion. Traditions are important because they are more directed from generation to generation, and today still prevail in the designer world of new concepts and innovations. It can be seen from the first moment. Why this furniture has stood the test of time and are now even more popular and more popular than before. dark living room sofa The production of the relatively new furniture company Gamma refers back to the traditions of classicism. The furniture manufacturer was founded in 1974, but the products represent an elegant retro style. The exquisite furniture pieces are handmade and a lot of experienced staff have helped that customers may enjoy a work of art at home. The furniture ideas of gamma are varied and impress with different timeless designs and color schemes. modern furniture gamma Among other things, impress furniture ideas of gamma with several interesting products and are divided into groups and collections. The company currently offers sofas, chairs, coffee tables and is just bring a collection of beds on the market. All these are precisely ornamented or simply left plain. Great value was located on the seat comfort – long and cozy corner sofas or sofa sets give the living room a modern look. classic sofa design gamma A universal and versatile piece of furniture such as the sofa is the focal point of the collection of gamma. Your furniture ideas are suitable for both small and large living room. They are combined with Persian rugs and interesting coffee tables, and on the walls, of course, include modern works of art as decoration. round multi-functional coffee table The coffee tables to match the comfortable chairs and can form interesting sitting areas. The colors are beige and brown, and this traditional and neutral scheme makes the beautiful designs better accentuate. The bed designs of gamma are just designed, but we are eagerly waiting-they will certainly wear this unforgettable retro charm and fascinate us. elegant chair leather living room This post taken from and if you want to read full ideas please follow Read More

Hints and Tips for Choosing the Right Sofa Bed for Your Home

1 Choosing the right sofa bed for your home can be trickier than you first imagined. Like any piece of furniture, it is important that the sofa not only suits the décor of your home, but also the lifestyle in which you enjoy. In collaboration with, here are some simple hints and tips for choosing the right sofa bed for your home. How much room do you have? This first question is important, for if you do not have room in your spare bedroom for a sofa bed, then you can instead purchase a high quality sofa bed for your living room. As most sofa beds are built to a high quality, you can no longer tell the difference between a traditional sofa and a sofa bed when it is not fully extended; meaning that just because the sofa yields a multi-purpose function, it does not mean that it offers any less comfort. Will you be able to get the furniture into your room? 2 Though this particular question may sound a little silly, the truth is that if your house is a new build home, or you live in an apartment building, the chances are that the hallways of the building will be narrower, and therefore more difficult to pass through with a large object. Before you purchase any piece of furniture, remember to not only measure the dimensions of the room in which it is going to be placed, but also the doorways and halls that it must be brought through. After all, there is nothing worse than disgruntled delivery men having to take back a piece of furniture that they might have just carried up countless flights of stairs. What is the purpose of the sofa bed? Many people for example, buy a sofa bed for the friends of their children, who more often than not, will stay over with increased frequency as they get older. If this is so, then a smaller, perhaps brighter and more accessible sofa bed will probably be more suitable for children. Also, if you purchase a leather sofa bed, this means that if there are any spills or accidents on the sofa, they will be easier to remove and the chances of a permanent stain are greatly reduced. If however, you are a couple that is buying a sofa bed for your new apartment, and you regularly expect a few friends to stay over, you may need something slightly more sophisticated than a child-friendly sofa bed. As there are a wide range styles and fabrics available on the internet, there should be no problem in finding a sofa bed that suits your décor, whether it is fantastically modern, or comfortingly traditional. 3   Read More


Citybook From MR.Less & MRS.A Lot More

Citybook by created by Antonella Di Luca and Ubaldo Righi, is a modular bookcase, flexible and suitable to any space. It grows out of a new interpretation of Housebook, designed for a single book. Modules and bases can be bought and arranged to your taste, by customising their number or selecting among the proposed compositions. Modules are linked together by small magnets. Read More


Tree By Siv Lier

The Tree is a coffee table by Norwegian young designer Siv Lier is where two-dimensional elements merge with the three-dimensional object. The table is a prototype produced from plywood and the tree decor is silke screened onto the surface. Read More