How To Save The Most Money Possible On Amazon Prime Day

July is the best, for me anyways. Not only is it the month of my Birthday, but I then get to spend alllll of the birthday money on craft supplies when Amazon Prime Day rolls around!   If you’re unfamiliar with Amazon Prime Day, it’s basically the Amazon only version of Black Friday. Since Jeff… Read More

10 Things That Should Never Go In Your Dishwasher

Seriously, do you really know that there are items that should never go in your dishwasher? Ah, the dishwasher. The saviour of many Western homes. The appliance that stops the arguments over who is washing up and ensures dishes are always sparkling for when company come round.  However, there are some things that should never… Read More

6 Perfect Organization Ideas For Small Spaces

When it comes to organising your home, the first port of call is going to be banking some organisation ideas for small spaces. Whether you’re organising a cupboard under the stairs or the box room upstairs, you need to figure out the best way to maximise your organisational efforts.   The first thing to remember… Read More

The Best Die Cutting Machines Available Right Now!

Before I started searching for the best die cutting machines, I had no idea they even existed! I discovered them was back when I found crafting and wanted to cut hundreds of circles out of fabric. SO forkin frustrating to by hand! Not to mention how long it took to get raggedy circles cut out. Sitting… Read More

How To Make Your Yard Stand Out With LED Garden Lighting

hts,Finding the right LED garden lighting to illuminate your yard or driveway can be a challenge. I’ve been researching outdoor lighting for quite some time because I want to turn my garden into a large solar spectacular! Not only will it help increase the curb appeal of my home but it can also increase the… Read More