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Cliffhanger Hook By Stilsucht

The Cliffhanger is a style by German designer Thomas Schmitz from Stilsucht and its natural habitat is mostly – but not exclusively – in standard German “Altbau” higher ceilinged, raw, pre war buildings apartments, because two parallel water pipes are necessary to use the clever helper. Cliffhanger is basically clipped in between them and is then obtainable as a flexible hook. No matter whether you want to warm up the bath towel, hang a net of onions, lemons or potatos in the kitchen or want to clear away jackets and coats, the hook is versatile and universally usable and convinces by way of its wonderfully unpretentious appearance although becoming easily fastened by its own weight. [by means of] Read More



Suburbia is the outcome of a collaboration among Italian manufacturer Seletti and Stockholm-based design studio named Note. A flexible storage remedy with iconic architectural shapes – a leading view of a village to hang on the wall. The objects interact with a scale of the landscape in a playful way. Suburbia operates at home, in the workplace or in the kids room. We want one particular!!! Read More


Ledge:In A Position By Linde&Linde

Gorgeous in its simplicity, this versatile shelf is nicely identified as a classic creation from Danish design studio Linde&ampLinde. Perfect for these small but nonetheless important factors that a single wants by the bedside. It looks excellent and does not take up as well much space. This completely clever little design and style can be helpful in so several locations throughout your home, producing relevant space specifically exactly where you want it. Read More


New Cool House Products – Part 2

1) T-Laundry Bag : Collect your laundry with style and save space. T-shirt shaped laundry bag.  Hang it on your wall or in your closet and take it with you on your travels.Price \$30 Read More


New Cool House Merchandise – Portion I

1 ) Giraffe Clock : Have you ever taken a close look at the spots of a giraffe? The intricate pattern is created by nature but follow a very easy mathematical formula named Voronoi. The Voronoi cells on this clock are laser reduce. The side of the wood is black, resulting in gorgeous depth and contrast. Price \$90 Read More