Graphic Designer’s Residence Blends With Its All-natural Surroundings

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Johnsen Schmaling Architects completed the style of a 1,855 square-foot modern day residence located on the wooded eastern shore of Wisconsin’s Door County, USA. The project was envisioned for a graphic designer and her husband. It blends with the surrounding vegetation and delivers a ideal retreat for artistic inspiration. Read More

Livi Livens Up Potted Plants With Vertical Hanging Gardens

Livi, “a versatile planter for virtually any vertical surface,” reimagines how we incorporate plants into our lives. Rather of exiling dusty potted plants to unfrequented corners, Livi creates a vertical hanging garden. Herbs can be kept close at hand on the fridge door or kitchen window. Office windows can be brightened up with entertaining new colors. By making use of vertical space, plants can be incorporated into your property decoration in new and intriguing ways. Read More