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Telescopic Pool Enclosures – Remarkable Enclosure Designs By Czech IPC Team

telescopic-pool-enclosures-ipc-team-1.jpg The telescopic pool enclosures by Inter Pool Cover Group (IPC Group) enable you to get pleasure from your swimming pool in the very best and worst of climate conditions, and they look really cool and are effortless to operate. “At any time you can slide the segments of the enclosure to either end and reveal the pool’s clear expanse of water.” This transparent, telescopic enclosure supplies year-round protection to your swimming pool. If it starts to rain whilst your taking a plunge, just activate the see-through enclosure and resume your swim. The method gives you clear and unobstructed views of your garden and surrounding regions. You’ll get pleasure from a clean and safe swim with a picturesque view of the nature existing in and about your neighborhood. The product comes with features that increase the enjoyment of your swimming pool. The enclosure has an Air Fresh program, which generates active ventilation to the covered area and creates the ideal atmosphere to swim in. There’s no want to stay inside even though your pool covers up thanks to these remarkable telescopic designs, those days are gone. Check out Inter Pool Cover Team website or watch it in action … telescopic-pool-enclosures-ipc-team-2.jpg telescopic-pool-enclosures-ipc-team-3.jpg telescopic-pool-enclosures-ipc-team-4.jpg telescopic-pool-enclosures-ipc-team-5.jpg telescopic-pool-enclosures-ipc-team-6.jpg telescopic-pool-enclosures-ipc-team-7.jpg telescopic-pool-enclosures-ipc-team-8.jpg telescopic-pool-enclosures-ipc-team-9.jpg telescopic-pool-enclosures-ipc-team-10.jpg telescopic-pool-enclosures-ipc-team-11.jpg telescopic-pool-enclosures-ipc-team-12.jpg telescopic-pool-enclosures-ipc-team-13.jpg telescopic-pool-enclosures-ipc-team-14.jpg Read More

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Automatic Swimming Pool Cover By Aqua Life

automatic-swimming-pool-cover-aqua-life-1.jpg With intriguing style and superior craftsmanship, the Aqualife automatic pool cover by MG International presents a stylish and durable way to cover your swimming poo. This innovative piece of gear flaunts an aesthetically appealing style with different functions that make it far more desirable, and can even be powered by solar. The covers can effortlessly be installed and don’t need intense physical labor to do so – no drilling holes or adding attachments by means of the wall. These covers are made to fit various types and sizes of pools, whether or not liner or woodline pools, the Aqualife cover is compatible. A built-in alarm technique from Sensor Espio helps to stop pool accidents from turning into tragic events. The alarm system involves a effective siren and a wireless indoor remote alarm that has a 100’ range. The Aqualife automatic cover also sports a new shape-cutting method with adjustable buttons and a storage model constructed above ground. These exclusive covers can be fitted to any shape. Aqua Life automatic-swimming-pool-cover-aqua-life-4.jpg automatic-swimming-pool-cover-aqua-life-2.jpg automatic-swimming-pool-cover-aqua-life-3.jpg Read More

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Futuristic Stainless Steel Kitchen By Bautek

futuristic-stainless-steel-kitchen-bautek-1.jpg The futuristic stainless steel kitchen by Bautek brand gives a dynamic blend of aesthetic charm with extended-lasting durability. From the sink to the stove, and every thing in in between, the kitchen is completely created out of 100% stainless steel. Not only will you acquire the highest of good quality, you will also benefit from the sophistication that these appliances come packaged with. Now, when you’re slicing and dicing vegetables more than the kitchen counter, do not fret if your knife accidentally slips off the cutting board and chops the countertop, stainless steel can withstand the harshest conditions. This exquisite kitchen keeps a fresh, clean appear without much upkeep. It also carry’s a organic sheen that exudes aesthetic excellence. Flip your eggs or pancakes over a stainless steel stove that won’t get dirty effortlessly. And, if dirt builds up in any spot, the clean up demands extremely little effort. It’s virtually self-preserving. Plus, you will completely enjoy the functionality enhancements that this kitchen has to supply. Pay a visit to Grupfrecan. futuristic-stainless-steel-kitchen-bautek-2.jpg futuristic-stainless-steel-kitchen-bautek-3.jpg futuristic-stainless-steel-kitchen-bautek-4.jpg futuristic-stainless-steel-kitchen-bautek-5.jpg Read More

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Remote Water Quality Control By So Blue: Omeo Tells All About Your Pool

remote-water-quality-control-soblue-omeo-1.jpg The Omeo remote water high quality manage by So-Blue sends you frequent updates relating to the high quality and status of your pool water. This wireless remote program keeps you posted on a everyday basis so you’ll never have to stand more than your pool or dip your finger in the water to uncover its circumstances. With the wireless display, you can verify the pH level and its acidity ( to 7) or alkalinity (7 to 14) the conductivity and its water aging or salt level the RedOx (reduction-oxidation reaction) with its disinfection concentration of chlorine and bromine the water level and temperature and the ultraviolet ray index and air temperature. The display tells you all you need to have to know and much more. You can also use the Soft-Blue software program, which can be downloaded totally free of charge for Omeo owners, and employed to send emails with information about your pool. Just plug the remote show unit into a Pc, via the supplied USB cable, and all of the information will seem on the screen. By adjusting the setting menus, you can organize the frequency, the alert limit or capacity and the email recipient list. You can also obtain notifications by means of your iPhone or Blackberry considering that the unit is compatible with 3G phones. Omeo lets you know what’s stirring in your pool even when you’re away from house. Visit So-Blue. remote-water-quality-control-soblue-omeo-2.jpg remote-water-quality-control-soblue-omeo-3.jpg Read More

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Phosphorescent Swimming Pool By Atmosphere Piscines

phosphorescent-swimming-pool-atmosphere-piscines-1.jpg The new phosphorescent swimming pool by Atmosphere Piscines allows you to swim at evening without burning electrical energy. A phosphorescent coating recognized as “gel coat”, covers the basin’s surface and retains solar radiation when the sun is out, then releases it at evening as a source of light. This eliminates the require for pool lights that burn electricity evening soon after evening. It is possibly the most energy-effective approach to pool lighting the 21st century has noticed. The released light will not hinder or influence the swimmer’s vision in any way. And, if you want, the phosphorescent coating can only be employed in certain places of the pool such as, the edge or the stair nosing. This enables you to see your way into and out of your pool when times are dark. The method of vacuum injection can be employed to add the phosphorescent coating. This prevents the emission of unsafe organic compounds. Enjoy an eco-friendly swim with the phosphorescent pool. phosphorescent-swimming-pool-atmosphere-piscines-2.jpg Read More