Friday Five With James Pearse Connelly

For this week’s Friday Five, we’re tapping a design genre we’ve never featured before: Production Design. Not just any production design though – television production design, and more specifically Emmy-winning James Pearse Connelly, the production designer and visionary behind JPConnelly. Maybe you’re not familiar with his name but you’re most likely very familiar with his work as he’s designed the sets for shows like The Voice, Bill Nye Saves the World, MTV Video Music Awards, Top Chef, The Biggest Loser, Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner, and many more. His work has earned him eight Primetime Emmy Award nominations and one win for his ability to tell visual stories on sets with his unique aesthetic and diverse background in theater, media, and design. Now, let’s see what keeps this creative inspired. Read More

Beautiful And Breezy Light Box Refreshes Classic Heritage Home In Melbourne

Every heritage home needs a makeover at some point and when that time comes you want a balanced blend of the traditional and the modern, the existing and the new and a seamless transition between both the worlds. A recently renovated Californian bungalow in Melbourne, The Light Box points to the growing trend of turning to elegant glass and metal structures that provide contemporary extensions to classic homes. Of course, this means creating an entire new living area while turning the rooms of the existing structure into more private spaces – a task that Finnis Architects accomplish with ease and panache! Read More

Adaptable Weekend Getaway Filled With Wood And Wonder!

What do you want from a weekend home that helps you relax and rejuvenate? It is often a setting that connects you with nature when needed, is easy to maintain and can be completely closed from outside world when not in use. That is precisely what you get with The Weekn’der designed by Lazor Office. Nestled on a lush green lot in Ashland County, this modern weekend retreat does all it can to create a comfortable and functional getaway by using a dynamic and adaptable exterior that can easily open up and close depending o season and necessity. A dark exterior in black along with a gabled roof at its heart give it an even more striking presence! Read More