Four Ways To Future-Proof Your Home With Interior Design

We all like to make our house a home, but what you do to your property to add your personal touch can make all the difference to its value. Do you want to design it for what you love now and worry about whether that will work later? Or, do you want to create a space that’s both stylish and functional this year, and for the next 20 years to come? Within this article, we offer four tips to consider. Read More

20 Photos That Showcase The Top Bathroom Trends Of Spring 2018

Most spring makeovers start in the living or kitchen. They also tend to end with these two rooms as well, with most of us having little time or energy to venture beyond the obvious. This is how we end up with the same, uninspiring bathroom year after year. While many of us tend to underrate the bathroom in terms of the value it brings to our life, a serene and rejuvenating bathroom can make a big difference indeed. Some might prefer the spa-styled bathroom while others could opt for a more rustic look in the bathroom with modern overtones. Irrespective of your preferences, top bathroom decorating trends of spring 2018 offer something for everyone! Read More

The Golden Brass Stine Goya Kitchen By Reform

Stine Goya Kitchen is a minimal kitchen renovation using kitchen designs by Copenhagen-based studio Reform. Stine Goya, being an internationally respected fashion designer, wanted a kitchen that reflects both her style and personality. As a result, the pure golden brass finish was used for her new showroom and head office in Copenhagen. Read More