Living Room Trends For 2018

If you are looking to remodel your living room in the upcoming period, you should really pay attention to the trends which are up and coming in the following period. Not only will it make your home feel modern and up to date, but it will also increase your home’s value in case you decide to sell it. Read More

Concealed Shore House Bewitches With A Green Roof And Bay Area Views

With the first on one side and unabated view of a majestic bay area on the other, the Shore House sits on a prime lot which brings together complete privacy and spectacular natural beauty. Designed by Leroy Street Studio and nestled in North Haven, USA, the gorgeous home with a green roof is carefully carved into the landscape with an entry that is cut in the earth. This gives the home a minimal and elegant façade with only the green roof making a considerable visual impact. But the rear façade of the house is anything but understated as the cantilevered top levels with bedrooms and the lower level living area provide panoramic views of the distant sea. Read More