Lighting, The Interior Designers Dream.

Did you know that a light can totally transform the way a room looks to you and your visitors? If you look around your room you will notice that many of the important features of the room are often not on full display and that is usually because we focus more on paint colours and furniture rather than our lighting. Read More

Orikomi By Blaanc

Orikomi by Architecture firm blaanc is a handmade origami lamp and by getting one particular you are also assisting the Adobe for Females Association. Read More

Le Trulle By Edmondo Testaguzza For Karman

“In the infinite assortment of architectural examples I’ve often been attracted by Trulli* . Their shapes and colours, their apparently randomly collocation in groups … blew into my heart. You can’t overlook the heat of their embrace. The smell of the sky above them is not clearing away with the distance. Slivers of our previous Please hold tight! To you, my attention”  Designer Edmondo Testaguzza for Karman Read More

Droplet Pendant Light By Viktor Legin Design

But another talented Australian-primarily based industrial designer Viktor Legin has created Droplet. Inspired by a droplet of water frozen in time the “droplet pendant” mimics the Beauty and elegance of fluid form. Available in black or white aluminum spun best, American Oak or black walnut ring.Appropriate for both ambient and task lighting. Read More