10 Stunning Ways To Bring Street Art To The Home

There is something unexpected, almost aggressively cool yet charming about adding street art to the home. Whether its directly painted on the walls in a free form or hung up as art, street art is moving indoors as we are excited about that. Street art is coming indoors to make a statement and we have found stunning ways to incorporate it directly into your current décor. Read More

Cool Ways To Bring Velvet Decor Into Your Home

Everything that was once old is now new when it comes to décor. This is the year of bringing back traditional pieces and expanding on the idea of making them a main feature in the home. Which brings us to one of the best trends- Velvet. The traditional fabric is coming back with a vengeance and making a statement in traditional homes. The following are cool ways to add velvet to your décor. Read More

10 Summer Trends To Bring The Sun In

Summer is the perfect time to give your home an instant facelift. By adding bold patterns and daring to your décor you can make your home feel like a beach house or a lake home. The key is adding key elements that will expand the space and bring summer directly inside. Read More