20 Cool And Easy DIY Ideas To Display Your Solar Lighting

Although it is not the best time to talk about outdoor lighting, the ideas of solar powered light here is definitely worth saving for next year’s outdoor décor. Solar lighting must be a wonderful choice because they are not only great energy savers, but also awesome outdoor decor features you can create them in many […]

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15 Unique End Tables To Liven Up Any Room Of The House

From the bedroom to the living room, those side areas need an extra leg or two to make things more comfortable and balanced. Thankfully, we did some searching and found designs that will wow those corners. Check out these 15 unique end tables that will certainly liven up any room of the house and finish off your vision. Read More

Country Ideas For Outdoor Christmas DéCor

The holidays are in full effect which means it is time to decorate not only the inside of the home but the outside as well.  Christmas happens to be one of the best holidays to decorate your home because of all the options you have. You have numerous different options that work for the inside of your home as well as for the outside of your home. Country chic décor is great for Christmas time because it adds the coziness of country décor with a chic twist.  Here are a few country Christmas ideas for the outside of your home that we know you will love. Read More

10 Ways To Give Your Bedroom A Bohemian Twist

The Bohemian style has remained a constant style trend to follow. Not only has it remained a top favorite because of how natural the style appears and feels, but also because of how easy it is to incorporate a bohemian twist to your home. Adding a bohemian twist means having a home that is a little more laid back but very much on trend. One of the best areas to add a bohemian twist is to add it to the bedroom. A bohemian twist works well in the bedroom because of its natural take on the style. Here are 10 ways to incorporate a bohemian twist to your bedroom space. Read More

10 Exciting Christmas Decorations Created From Pool Noodles

When you think of pool noodles, maybe you just think of water, sunshine and fun, however there are a lot of new and creative holiday decorations made from pool noodles. One such example is making a Christmas wreath for your front door. Most of the pool noodle decorations are easy and budget-friendly, so they are […]

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