19 Amazing DIY Tree Log Projects For Your Garden

Tree logs and fallen tree trunks are great materials for nature-inspired garden decorations. They will add rustic touch to your garden and will be also fabulous centerpieces for garden landscaping. So if you have some tree logs laying around your home, you should make good use of them in a creative way. 1. Big Sliced […]

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These 15 Grey And White Kitchens Will Have You Swooning

There is something so timeless, chic, romantic, and dreamy about the grey and white color combinations. Not only do they mix well with other tones but left as a duo they can truly take on any style or interior design genre with ease and comfort. Then, settled in the kitchen you get a clean palette to work with from top to bottom – filled with texture and a lot of room to personalize as well. And these 15 grey and white kitchens below will have you swooning and begging for one of your own. Read More

15 Kitchen Banquette Seating Ideas For Your Breakfast Nook

Ignite your breakfast nook on fire with some gorgeous kitchen banquette seating ideas. Have your morning come to life with the family by adding some benches and chairs that work smoothly together. It provides so much warmth and welcoming spirits to your breakfast, and you’ll love its place with the natural lighting by the windows. Take a peek and maybe you’ll have a bit of a redesign to start on this weekend. Read More

10 Ways To Refresh Your Brick Fireplace

A brick fireplace is one of those items in a home that is highly coveted. There is just something warm, cozy and intimate about it. However, if the one that is currently in your abode does not reflect your personal décor taste, then it can feel more like a drag instead of an architectural feature. Thankfully, there’re some things you can do to completely change the appearance of your brick fireplace. Here are a few things you can do to refresh your fireplace. Read More

Romantic Bedroom Lighting Ideas For Valentine’s Day

Whether you end your days in a modern bedroom or you prefer a quiet minimalist space, the lighting you use can make a huge difference in the vibe the room gives off. The key is having the correct light fixtures that add the vibe you seek. When you think about romantic lighting your first thoughts may be a “crystal chandelier and candles”. However, there’s plenty of light fixture you can choose from that will give you the romantic feel in your bedroom space. Here are a few romantic bedroom lighting ideas that we help you create the perfect vibe. Read More