20 Stylish And Budget-friendly Ways To Decorate Above Kitchen Cabinets

Many kitchens had to face that awkward space between the top of the kitchen cabinets and the ceiling. How to use it and keep the neat appearance of the kitchen is a challenge. Instead of letting it stay there and collect dust, what do you do with it? Turn it into an extra storage space […]

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10 Light Fixtures Your Kitchen Needs Today!

Many will argue that the kitchen is the heart of the home and others may argue that the kitchen is the most used area of the home. We happen to agree with both. It is important to keep the kitchen in tip top shape. However, keeping the kitchen looking its best can be a difficult task as constant décor changes can be quite expensive. Read More

15 Unique Bookends For All Of Your Favorite Reads

Whether you’re lucky enough to have an at-home library or need something inside the home office to line the shelves, everyone could use some of these versatile decor pieces – that can be functional too. Even if you just slide some on you mantle for accenting, they work! These 15 unique bookends will house your favorite reads but will add personality to the space too! Read More

Free Up Your Counter Space With These Kitchen Organizing Ideas

Is cooking and entertaining in your kitchen a harder task than it should be? A small kitchen space does not mean you should not entertain in your home. It just means you have to be smarter on the décor items you do use. The way your counter space is set up can make a huge difference in the amount of space you will have in your kitchen. Read More