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Doban Architecture Introduces Shift By Think Fabricate

Susan Doban and Jason Gorsline are the partners of  Think Fabricate who have produced the Shift Collection. The series consists of Shift Corner, Shift Connect, Shift 48, 36 and 30.  The Shift Corner is my preferred of the group. It is a wall mounted shelving unit that fits beautifully into any corner of your room producing it a fashionable location to store your belongings and aide in controlling the clutter. The Shift Connect is a equivalent ensemble of eight pieces but it lays flat along the wall in 3 lengths that alternate encasements and connecting ends. This item can cover an entire wall to produce both an exceptional storage resolution and beautiful wall decor. There is also the option of a 10 piece unit, the Shift Connect Plus. Shift 48, 36 &amp 30 are all equivalent in design, but their variations straight correlate with their respective widths. They are all 60 inches in height and great for use in tighter spaces exactly where a touch of style is nevertheless desirable. Read More

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Contemporary Art For Those With A Passion For Style

These lovely fashion illustrations are by artist, Garance Doré. She started her career as a style illustrator with the need to make timeless, classic, beautiful illustrations and from my viewpoint she has far surpassed that objective. Her function has appeared in style magazines (Elle, Vogue Paris, and so on.) and in conjunction with such nicely known designers as Dior, Louis Vuitton, Kate Spade, Tiffany &amp Co., etc. She is also a photographer and fashion blogger with a dedicated following. Her work has been exhibited all through the globe, which includes New York, London and Sydney. Each Art Prints and posters (for a modest cost) are presently obtainable for purchase. So if you are a lover of fashion, Garance  Doré could be of interest to you. Read More


Patterned Paint Rollers By Clare Bosanquet

Clare Bosanquet, the artist behind “The Painted House“ Etsy retailer, found patterned paint rollers in a marketplace in Romania and got so excited about this economical wallpaper option that she now sells her personal. The rollers give walls a appear that Bosanquet describes as “like old, forgotten, sunbleached wallpaper“. What a brilliant notion!! Read More


Charles & Ray Eames Want Your Assist!

Right after Ray’s death, the Eames family members shared and cared for the Eames Home and grounds, often mindful to safeguard their authenticity for the future. Now, the Eames Foundation is prepared to preserve the residence as it existed when Charles and Ray lived and worked in it for the final, most prolific half of their lives. This includes not only conserving the property for the future but also celebrating and transmiting the legacy and philosophy of Charles and Ray. Read More