A Contemporary Vancouver House Clad In Black Cedar

Although its façade is unmistakably contemporary, the Pink Residence was created with sensitivity by Scott Posno Design to the other homes in Vancouver’s Mount Pleasant neighborhood. The single family members residence manages to fit 3,000 square feet into its style, despite the face that the front elevation does not overwhelm the houses beside it.

PinkHouse-Scott-Posno-Design and style-2

The house is clad in thin strips of black stained cedar that have been installed horizontally on the ground level and vertically on the second story, which cantilevers out adding to the design’s sculptural really feel.

PinkHouse-Scott-Posno-Design and style-3

A recessed entryway is covered by the second story and creates an additional break in the façade’s spatial planes.

PinkHouse-Scott-Posno-Design and style-4

Inside, the colour palette lightens up, straight contrasting the black exterior. White oak floors, custom millwork, and white walls are the foundation for the modern interior that is interspersed with moments of color.

PinkHouse-Scott-Posno-Design and style-5 PinkHouse-Scott-Posno-Style-6

An open floor plan offers the illusion of more space on the ground floor, which contains the kitchen, dining space, and family places, along with a living area that is separated by a wall with a 3-sided fireplace.

PinkHouse-Scott-Posno-Design-7 PinkHouse-Scott-Posno-Style-8 PinkHouse-Scott-Posno-Style-9 PinkHouse-Scott-Posno-Design-10 PinkHouse-Scott-Posno-Design and style-11

Panels of glass keep the floating staircase open although adding safety to the exposed side.

PinkHouse-Scott-Posno-Design and style-12

A skylight brings all-natural daylight into the interior providing it a far more open feel.

PinkHouse-Scott-Posno-Design-13 PinkHouse-Scott-Posno-Design and style-14

Pictures by Silentsama.