A Furnishings Collection Inspired By A Hotel

What came initial, the chicken or the egg? Or, in this case, the hotel or the furnishings? For Vírgula i architecture studio, they initial renovated the Hotel Minho in Portugal. As they had been designing it, they also ended up making over 37 custom pieces of furniture to match their vision for the hotel. It only created sense to expand these pieces of furnishings into a custom collection that echoed the strong aesthetics, wood craftsmanship, and standard joinery methods of the original furnishings. Hence, the Bracara collection, manufactured by Paularte, was born.


The Bracara bed is a solid oak bed with curvy edges, efficient joinery, and is a single of highlights of the collection. It is easy to put collectively, thanks to the wood’s modulation technique.

bracara-by-virgula-i-7 bracara-by-virgula-i-6 bracara-by-virgula-i-8

The Bracara trolley was first designed to be in the hotel spa, and is also made entirely of solid oak. It has an adjustable lacquered tray and its different levels serve multiple functions.

bracara-by-virgula-i-13 bracara-by-virgula-i-14

The modular Bracara sideboards come in a range of lengths, with a wall mounting method that even comes with a Carrara marble best. It is manufactured in the very same warm wood as the rest of the collection, but has particular handmade handles, adding an sophisticated touch.

bracara-by-virgula-i-10 bracara-by-virgula-i-11 bracara-by-virgula-i-17

Lastly, their bench has all the exact same trademark wood and efficient joinery as the complete collection. Straightforward however of the highest high quality, the bench is the epitome of the Hotel Minho appear and really feel.

bracara-by-virgula-i-2 bracara-by-virgula-i-3 bracara-by-virgula-i-25

Photography by Luis Espinheira.