A Wilsonart Collection Inspired By The City Of Brooklyn

New York is a never-ending source of inspiration for creatives everywhere, in all places, which signifies that as a visitor or even as a resident, you will usually have some thing to take away from experiencing the concrete jungle. Regardless of whether you like to admire vertigo-inducing architecture, seek out tucked away art galleries and boutique retailers, or take pleasure in reside music discovered in parks and subway stations, I’ve discovered from my travels to New York that you can’t turn the corner with no seeing one thing interesting, new, or artistic.

Vintage inlaid wood furniture hiding in Brooklyn Reclamation photo by @arena_fina

Straightforward but timeless design in Le Labo’s Brooklyn perfumery photo by @lelabofragrances

Texture and architecture inspiration at the iconic Brooklyn Bridge photo by @nschinco

A hidden garden for the plant aficionado at the 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge photo by @ss0522

At the finish of my trip, I like to bring back a bit of my travels with me, no matter whether it’d be in the type of photographs or souvenirs. If I owned my own residence though, I’d attempt to recreate a tiny bit of the city that left me feeling so inspired. If you are a homeowner or a designer who’s felt a equivalent impact right after visiting New York, you are in luck. Inspired by the Brooklyn borough, the design and style team at Wilsonart produced the Inside Brooklyn collection primarily based on the ever-present themes they saw in this trendy neighborhood.

From Andrea Flint, solution designer at Wilsonart:

Always striving to remain ahead of trends, the Wilsonart style team, with a group of 8 other designers from across the nation, set out on a trendspotting jaunt all through Brooklyn. 4 distinct and exclusive principal trends had been identified – Artisanal, Authenticity, Graphic, and Texture – and we’ve intertwined these trends to produce 15 new patterns that revel and honor the borough.

It just goes to show you that you can find inspiration anyplace for your next massive interior design project. As Brooklyn is an epicenter of timeless and modern styles, so is Wilsonart’s Inside Brooklyn collection of laminate designs. Here’s a look at the 4 trends that informed the new series:

“Ash Arabesque” laminate

Artisanal was produced in observance of objects located in neighborhood boutique shops, like vintage hand-crafted trinkets or inlaid wood patterns.

“Lush Jungle” laminate

The Graphic series comes from the city’s streets filled with ethnic designs, street art, and bold patterns.

“Chocolate Ash” laminate

Authenticity pays homage to the borough’s timeless aesthetic where woodgrain patterns and simple style reign supreme.

“Inky Indigo” laminate

Lastly, Texture celebrates the textures from the classic past to the contemporary discovered all through the city, translated into stone, wood, and abstracted textured looks. All of the 15 nlew aminate surfaces from the collection are available for you to examine through Wilsonart’s Virtual Style Library which assists you visualize these patterns in different spaces.

Similarly to becoming a traveler, getting a designer requires you to be unafraid to leave your comfort zone as you seek out new sources of inspiration and creativity. Considerably like Brooklyn, Wilsonart offers abundant patterns, textures, and designs that will leave you feeling inspired when you’re carried out exploring. Learn far more about Wilsonart Engineered Surfaces on wilsonart.com.