Unexpected: Furnishings Created From Acoustic Panels

Canberra, Australia primarily based Elliot Bastianon continues exploring the use of EchoPanel®, an acoustic sheet material, in his furniture designs through folding, bending, creasing, pressing, and pleating it for alternate utilizes. By experimenting and not pre-organizing, Bastianon is able to come up with unconventional styles with uncommon details, like the latest pieces that have grow to be the Unexpected Collection.


Orientation is a coffee table that merges two folded sheets of EchoPanel®, which are shaped into huge ‘V’ legs, that help and oak wood leading. Custom wood fasteners have been produced to join the two materials.

unexpected-collection-elliot-bastianon-3 unexpected-collection-elliot-bastianon-4 unexpected-collection-elliot-bastianon-5-sixfold-table

The Six Fold bench requires 6 sheets of EchoPanel® and folds them in the same manner as the Orientation table to turn them into the bench’s structure. A wooden top stays place with the aid of a frame built on the underside.

unexpected-collection-elliot-bastianon-5a unexpected-collection-elliot-bastianon-6 unexpected-collection-elliot-bastianon-7 unexpected-collection-elliot-bastianon-8 unexpected-collection-elliot-bastianon-9


Tilted utilizes a single acoustic sheet that is folded and pressed together 3 occasions to type sections that make up the wall-leaning shelf. Wooden shelves, held by oak dowels, rest among cut sections in the folds in order to hold books and decor.

unexpected-collection-elliot-bastianon-11 unexpected-collection-elliot-bastianon-11a unexpected-collection-elliot-bastianon-12 unexpected-collection-elliot-bastianon-13 unexpected-collection-elliot-bastianon-14-armadillo-light

The Armadillo Light is a lighting method that requires an acoustic panel and folds, presses, and fastens it down to give the wall-mounted lights their shape. The repeated folding pattern designed becomes sculptural.

unexpected-collection-elliot-bastianon-15 unexpected-collection-elliot-bastianon-16 unexpected-collection-elliot-bastianon-17

Photo by Charlie White.