Mid-Century Edward Fickett Property – Los Angeles By John Coolidge

The Mid-Century Edward Fickett Property in Los Angeles was initially built in 1958 and not too long ago renovated by owner John Coolidge, a renowned photographer and designer by trade. This is the second residence by this legendary architect which Coolidge has owned. As such, meticulous focus to detail was given to the mid-century modern interiors of this historic California dream home.

Situated on a very private lot in Encino, this impressive dwelling embraces light, balance and an openness which magnificently extends to the outdoors.  Full-volume and clerestory windows, as well as skylights drench the interiors with sunlight. Walnut flooring is wealthy and plays both a striking contrast to the lighter decor, even though tying in to the many mid-century wood furnishings filling the spaces. Abstract minimalist art and designer pieces from the 40s to the 70s fill the rooms, which portray a sophisticated, retro vibe.

When seeking at these interiors, the word “happy” pops into your head. Vibrant spaces with tonal browns, bold white and cheery yellow accents appear in the modernist setting. The living space is so inviting with a plush velvet, tufted Italian sofa which just begs to be relaxed upon. An instant stand-out, though, is the set of chrome-steeled and marigold yellow rubber designer chairs, so sculptural and just amazing to look at–I’m adding these to my personal want list!

A vaulted red-cedar wood ceiling was restored and offers a vintage warmth to this lounging region, as nicely as all through the house. A exclusive set of wall shelving forms a geometric pattern and neatly displays an assortment of the owners’ white vases and collectibles. 1 of my preferred features is the tree planter, built into the floor in the hallway and such a fresh, unexpected element.

The all-white kitchen was updated, thought the original layout was retained. Glossed cabinetry and stainless appliances add a additional shine to this culinary zone which flows into the living space by means of a voluminous, open threshold.

Connecting the inside with out, are sets of glass doors which open to the restored kidney-shaped swimming pool sitting in the backyard, which is lush and nestles into the rugged hillside, property to the a variety of wild animals indigenous to the area.

The Mid-Century Edward Fickett Residence is a contemporary dream interpretation of an iconic house developed by a celebrated architect, now properly-preserved with an exquisite modern-cool elegance.(by means of)

Photography by Jonn Coolidge.

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