Futuristic Vacation House Opens Up To Outdoors


Surrounded by forest and overlooking a lake in the south of Vienna, Austria, the Residence Birkensee is an incredible composition of volumes that flow smoothly from one particular to the other by the clever roof style. Labvert made this vacation residence with a wooden deck as its foundation and, except for the walls of glazings separating the inside from the outdoors, the indoor-outdoor locations appear as continuous as the roofline itself. This play on volumes is an intricately woven pattern that has an ebb and flow to it as though it where a sculptural installation rather then a 3 bedroom property.


Aside from the curving roofline and the continuous deck, House Birkensee also incorporates a cantilevered volume that houses the master bedroom. The cantilever creates a shady location on the grass under even though an awning attached to the roof shades the outside lounge area on the deck.


Even though the roofline curves up and more than the master suite, the volume itself seems extremely angular.


The walls not only produce a continuous flow of the deck from the indoor and outside zones, but they also generate the same flow for the ceiling – which is ribbed with wood beams which from a distance creates a visual of a bird’;s wing.


Despite the fact that the exterior walls are glass and the floor and ceiling are wood, concrete is utilised for the rest of the building – such as the stairs that lead up to the private zones.


A spectacular fireplace inside the social zone is created with a geometric boulder composition and check out the slope of the two flues, its such a tiny detail with such a huge influence.


The way the ceiling ribs curve in the opposite direction of the curved floor planks beneath is a dramatic combination of tension and flow all at the exact same time.


The stairwell leads to the multilevel upper floor, which consists of the master suite and ensuite cantilevered out and over the garden as well as two bedrooms and a bathroom on the other side of the stairwell. The ceiling among the two locations is filled with a glass void for views of the sky above.


The stairwell is not the only place with a view of the sky the bathroom characteristics a round skylight right over the tub.


The bedrooms have their own private terraces overlooking the lake.


Its an wonderful view – and an remarkable property.