Beach Club Restaurant Design And Style Inspired By Origami

architecture modern restaurantInspired by the Japanese art of origami, the Boos Beach Club Restaurant in Bridel, Luxembourg grabs focus instantaneously. By means of the use of wood and glass, Metaform Architects integrated the new structure into its organic atmosphere.

The dynamic style enables orienting the bar and eating places towards the outside, guiding the views to the tall tree stalks. Thanks to its triangular type, the self-supporting rigid roof demands very handful of peripheral structural points. The motivation to choose this lightweight and very easily removable roof method leaves room for possible future changes, if required.
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Black metal pillars and window frames give the interior a soft industrial look. We like how the venue intertwines secluded and open spaces, all taking in the views. The atmosphere becomes intense throughout the evening, with activated LED lighting schemes.

The lateral outdoor terrace was partly removed and replaced by a white sand beach. To preserve the “Beach club” identity of the location, the new structure consists of raw supplies: burned wood, polished concrete floor, raw steel, a terrace produced of wood and white sand. [Photographs and info supplied by Metaform Architects]
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