Breathtaking Views In Budapest Remodel

This remodeled apartment sits in a prime place, proper in the heart of Budapest. This vantage point gives stellar views of the city, such as the historic and stunning Parliament developing, although the terrace has a calming view of the nearby river.

The brainchild of Margeza Design Studio, there are many signature touches the designers left behind. Energetic colors, whimsical particulars and big windows with natural light develop a joyful atmosphere. The rug in the living space is shaped like a map of Budapest, with a little red dot showing the place of the apartment.

A living green wall brightens up the living space. The pleasing ambiance and meta decorations, as effectively as the living wall, are subtle but brightening.

The two levels of this 110 square meter (1,200 square foot) apartment hold the spacious living space, two bedrooms and a study, as effectively as a terrace that permits you to look out more than the boats sailing on the Danube.

The living room boasts an huge window to view the cityscape below. Practically like a cinema screen, residents can watch the city as it alterations from night to day.

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