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12 Fabulous DIY Coat Rack Tips

As they say, home is exactly where you hang your hat. Nonetheless, that is assuming you really have anything in your property on which to hang it. But in no way worry, if you are without having a hook or two, today is your lucky day we have 13 great DIY suggestions for hanging your hat, coat, scarf, purse, keys, and just about something else you can feel of! I hope your entryway is ready to get organized and fabulous!

The Coat Tree

Our very first project, developed by Lowes, is produced by gluing two pieces of lattice together and bending them into the shape of every leg you see below even though the glue is drying (utilizing a straightforward handmade bending form). You may possibly require a tiny patience and space to pull this off, but the result is worth the effort. It is so stunning!

DIY Bent Wood Coat Tree If you are going for the minimalist appear in a coat tree, then I have the ideal DIY project for you. Initial, purchase large wood dowels. Secondly, acquire some rope, tie the dowels together, and stand them up in a spiral position. It is actually that effortless! And as you can see in this gorgeous DIY coat tree by Weekday Carnival, this DIY project adds a sleek sophistication and a pop of color to an entry.

DIY Dowel and String Coat Tree An additional basic yet gorgeous modern coat tree is this one particular, by CONCRETEHAUS. Okay, okay, technically this isn’t initially a DIY project but I believe it would be an incredibly easy undertaking for a person to tackle at home. By either getting a concrete base or making one particular in a homemade mold and inserting some wooden dowels, the result will be an industrial, chic, and easy coat rack.

DIY Dowel and Cement Coat Tree

Re-Purposed Objects

As a DIY addict, my favourite pastime (in case you haven’t currently gathered from my previous posts) is creatively re-purposing an object into some thing fully various! Pondering outdoors of the box leads to some seriously inspiring results, and the next handful of projects are no exception. Take A Beach Cottage for instance, who utilised a vintage oar with a few hooks as a rustic and striking coastal coat rack in her hallway.

DIY Vintage Oar Coat Rack They say 1 man’s trash is one more man’s treasure. Properly, I am certain that the first man would be kicking himself if he knew that the second particular person would develop this fantastic coat rack from his discarded headboard! Utilizing a cost-free headboard from the side of the road, Shannon Quimby crafted this eye-catching (and quite practical!) coat rack and message center for her household’s entry hall with a few coats of paint (each chalkboard and wall paint) and some hooks.

DIY Headboard Coat Rack Our subsequent coat rack was created by Save It For a Rainy Day, who aged many yardsticks employing different stains and glued them all with each other to generate the back of her DIY coat rack. How adorable would this project be in a space for families or little ones?! I adore the vintage and playful charm of this handmade coat rack.

DIY Yardstick Coat Rack Have you ever been to a flea market place and stumbled upon a giant box filled with miscellaneous drawer knobs? Nicely, subsequent time you do, grab a handful of your favorites so you can generate a DIY coat rack as fashionable and fairly as this one, crafted by Home To Residence. It will add a eclectic and clever focal point to your entryway.

Pretty hooks, flower knob, clear glass knob, hanging bags. Pub orig IH 02/2008 Considering that none of my DIY posts would be total without some sort of excellent tree-inspired project, our next DIY coat rack is made of branches, quirky, enjoyable, and Cost-free! Soon after collecting some branches in the backyard and trimming them to shape with some pruners, Garden Therapy slapped some leftover white paint onto the branches and attached them to a recycled piece of wood to form a brilliant, organic coat rack.

DIY Tree Branch Coat Rack You caught me… once once again, this isn’t exactly a DIY project by origin but its simple design and streamlined appear make it a prime candidate for DIY inspiration! Grab the old pegboard hanging out in your basement (or a recycled piece of wood and a big drill bit), a bunch of pegs with the bases cut at an angle so that they point upwards, and all of your favored vibrant paints to apply to the tips of the pegs. I really like the graphic, modern vibe of this lovely coat rack, created by We Do Wood and featured on The Improvised Life.
DIY Pegboard Coat Rack

Let’s Have a Little Entertaining!

Let’s be honest: coat racks, while practical and required, are usually quite ordinary and overlooked in the procedure of giving a area character. Fortunately, all of our DIY projects right now have verified that that doesn’t have to be the case, specially our subsequent handful of projects that add really a bit of cheer and fun to a space. No buts about it (ha-ha-ha), our next coat rack would make just about any person grin! Martha Stewart designed this cute and clever coat rack for kids by stenciling animal… ahem… hind quarters onto a piece of wood and hand painting hooks to appear like their tails.

DIY Animal Tails Coat Rack When you think of a key holder, what object could possibly be a a lot more literal and straightforward method of storage than the lock it belongs to? As an ingenious and humorous remedy to regularly misplaced keys and a require for some hooks in the entryway, Kara Paslay Designs crafted this coat rack and essential holder out of an old door jamb, deadbolts, and door knobs.

DIY Key and Lock Coat Rack By handcrafting and designing your personal DIY coat rack, you have the opportunity to let your coat rack make a statement in the space. Our subsequent coat rack surely does: “Hello!” Designed by cross stitching this welcoming word into a white pegboard, Beci Orpin (project featured on Charlotte’s Fancy) adds a bright, enjoyable piece of artwork (that doubles as a coat rack of course!) to her home.

DIY Cross Stitch Coat Rack Who knew coat racks could be so great?! Have you ever produced a DIY coat rack for your residence? Share it with us in the comments beneath!

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