A Blend Of Islamic And Modern Architecture Of Da Chang Muslim Cultural Center In China

The creating made by the Institute for design and style and architectural investigation SCUT, apart from the spiritual space contains other functions that connect the neighborhood, like an exhibition space, theater and social center.

The project for this cultural center was initiated by the nearby authorities in the prefecture of Hebei, exactly where the center is located, in order to encourage further cultural and architectural improvement in the area. Due to the fact of this, the new facility is not just a sacred space for prayer, but also has a cultural and recreational character. The architects of this contemporary facility make a blend of Islamic architecture, its various functions, the city’s history and modern architecture in order to create a new cultural landmark.

The developing is conceived as a type of poetic sanctuary that simultaneously reflects the Islamic culture and the vision of the architects for a much better life. Based on the architectural notion of Islamic mosques, the building is a combination of the spatial structure of a mosque with new technology and architectural components. The facade of the constructing in a classic style has a series of vaulted arches that rise to the best of the constructing with elegant curved lines. The object has an sophisticated and mystical type, standard of the buildings of the Islamic architecture. The walls behind arcs contribute for the mysticism and look to follow a pattern of delicate lace fabric.

The dome is constructed with quite a few half-open egg-shaped shells, by means of which the daylight penetrates in the building and at night the interior lights illuminate the space about the center.

(Photo Credits: Yao Li)