A Brazilian Film Organization With New Stripped Down Digs

Fabio Marins Arquitetura was tasked with making a space to residence film production firm Corazon Filmes in São Paulo, Brazil, that spans 125 square meters. The double-height space attributes expansive windows and an interior metal structure, a characteristic of the Modulo Alto de Pinheiros Building, offers it an industrial vibe.

The busy company required a lot within a fixed space, including: multiple workstations, a conference rom, a studio with two editing bays, a reception, waiting space, and a space for workers to relax.

All through, they utilized spending budget-friendly OSB (Oriented Strand Board), letting its texture become a part of the style.

This cube-like structure disguises the workplace kitchen although displaying the organization logo on one particular side and cubes of storage on one more.

A step ladder leads to a mezzanine level exactly where the boardroom is situated.

The conference room was incorporated underneath the mezzanine.

Photographs by Alessandro Guimarães.