Apartement Trocadéro By Rodolphe Parente

This stunning 3,767 sq ft apartment situated in Paris, France, was designed in 2015 by Rodolphe Parente.

Description by Rodolphe Parente

The flat is located in a classic dressed-stone constructing in the location of Trocadero in Paris and faces the Eiffel Towel. It is about 350 square meters and gets generous volumes with some decorative components and features from the 18th century such as decorative moldings, coffered ceilings, Chinese-influenced pediments and marble fireplaces. The apartment is on the second floor with a long balcony overlooking the street.

The owners of the flat are a couple in their thirties with 3 youngsters. They are passionate collectors of art and contemporary furnishings and wanted to refurbish the spaces in a modern way. That is to say make one particular single area with the dining area linked with the kitchen, create a true living spot in the reception area and a really cozy bedroom suite with an invisible dressing area and connected bathroom. The major concept of this refurbishment was to propose sensible interventions although respecting the heritage character of that space. It has been an complete refurbishment in the complete apartment from the walls partitions, the ceilings, the moldings and the created-to-measure and prescription furnishings for the interior harmony.

The approach of the project was primarily based on a deep respect of the current architecture whilst emphasizing on the significance of volumes and the possibility to get a space exactly where a modern art and furnishings collection would get all the recognition it deserves! But it is not a contemplative or frozen space simply because it is a spot dedicated to life and comfort for a household. Despite the singularity of the flat, there is a warm atmosphere that results from powerful and ambitious stylistic alternatives such as the selection of noble materials.

Indeed, the harmony of supplies is primarily based on their noble character. The association of the two main supplies that are medal brass (from the bathroom to the kitchen passing through the created-to-measure shelves) and Calacatta Caldia marble is a signature that emphasizes the global coherence amongst spaces. To get to the bathroom you want to go by way of the impressive medal brass with velours chenille gris door hiding the dressing space made of beveled mirrors. The selection of fabrics and carpets is also the outcome of a demand for top quality and comfort. The walls and ceilings are painted in a way they make you think about raw porcelain biscuit. This delicacy is reinforced by the decision of a quite light wood floor made of oak. The china cabinet in stained brushed walnut, the kitchen island in marble with medal brass insert, the head board of the bed in natural silk, the shelves or the bathroom furnishings are also primarily based on this harmony of materials and are all created-tomeasure pieces of furnishings made by Rodolphe Parente. The furniture and art piece list is offered on demand.

Photography by Olivier Amsellem

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