Best 2017 Style Trends For Your Home

2017 residence decor trends

Each and every year comes with its load of design and style trends to get inspired from for your home. We’ve spotted some of the best new trends to get you started regardless of whether you are arranging a total spring overhaul of your home or if you just want to inject a bit of newness into your space.

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navy living area decor

1.In the navy

Navy interiors are actually on trend for 2017. Paired with white, it brings a pop of colour while remaining classy, intemporel and fresh with its undeniable beach property vibe. Combined with retro colours like mustard, it can also be component of a far more retro 1970’s interior. Try incorporating it into your style scheme with new navy upholstery, upcycled dark blue furnishings or curtains for a cosy, calming atmosphere.

image: it all started with paint

indoor climbing plants

2. Indoor climbing plants

Cacti and terrariums have been currently large in 2016 and the green wave is set to last with indoor climbing plants now on each plant lover’s hot list.

Think Devil’s Ivy vine, Philodendron, Swedish Ivy, Spider Plant, or succulents like String of Pearls and String of Bananas. These plants have a tendency to like becoming placed close to filtered light: a window fitted with light curtains or venetian blinds would be a great choice.

You will need to have hanging planters: trendy alternatives with retro macrame, beaded details and terracotta will bring wonderful design and style flair and brighten up your space.  

image: Frédéric Malphettes

hygge home decorating idea

3. Hygge

Everyone’s been talking about it for months and it is become genuinely influential this year: hygge, is the Danish word that can be roughly translated as “cosy”. It’s been hailed much more of a lifestyle than a pure design and style trend but it is already producing waves in the design and style planet. The hygge craze is difficult to pinpoint as it encapsulates several aspects but translated into the house, it implies dim lighting, cushions, blankets: it is about feeling very good in your own residence.

image: Excellent Home

modern farmhouse living space

4. The minimalistic, modern farmhouse

The modern day farmhouse trend has been about the block for fairly a even though but it often manages to rejuvenate itself with fresh and exciting elements. There are many methods to translate this trend into your property but this year is all about sleeker, a lot more minimalist farmhouse style: the sempiternal all-white farmhouse colour scheme is mixed with accents of black, wood, bamboo and copper. Mix and matching is nonetheless in but opt for cleaner lines and warm but much more discrete tones such as natural supplies, warm greys, white and blacks.

image: House of Jade Interiors

copper bathtub

5. Copper bling

Copper and metallics can bring a bit of warm industrial charm to your space. Statement pieces such as a copper bathtub or kitchen sink are fantastic but you can also receive that elegant touch thanks to smaller objects like lamps, baskets, mirrors and stools. Copper genuinely shines mixed with all-natural supplies such as wood or stone.


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