Creatively Designed Interior In Vibrant Tones In The Heart Of Istanbul

Vibrant, modern day and full of youthful energy is this spacious apartment developed by the architectural studio “COA Mimarlik”. This comfy contemporary interior is situated in Istanbul and right away the tickles interest with its exciting layout, style and vibrant colors.

What tends to make this interior exclusive is the maximum utilization of the space to supply far more places for storing products with out generating the property appear jammed. The apartment is vibrant and spacious. Dominated by white color and light, organic tones, and a little contrast of light is created with the massive sofa in dark gray which introduces a a lot more elegant note in the complete region.

The spacious living space in which the light is coming from a wide central window is planned with each other with the dining area. The dining space consists of a long wooden table with diverse chairs, providing it an eclectic appear. The wall behind the dining table has an fascinating installation in the shape of a world map that gives an intriguing element of the entire space. The opposite wall, exactly where the Tv it is subtly placed, is surrounded by white intriguing shelves stacked like stairs. A fantastic architectural move is the choice to set up a modest space for relaxation by the window, supplying a view of the city, where the owners can loosen up with a very good book or just observe the urban rhythm.

The apartment has a sensible and functional kitchen, with a number of storage components, and a small bathroom and toilet in contemporary style. The bedroom is relaxing, minimalist with a bed, cupboards, exciting chandelier and wooden frame above the bed which can be used for hanging plants.

An specially exciting space is the tiny study space dominated by geometric patterns. It has a creative black wall-board which the owners can take notes or merely draw one thing that refresh the character of the space. The principal chandelier is in industrial style with geometric and sharp lines. The geometric theme continues on the wall that looks like a complicated network with shelves covered in nearly Tetris pattern. An unexpected moment in the whole study space is the tiny piece of nature, i.e. part of the floor covered in white coarse pebbles that generate a Zen-atmosphere.

The complete apartment is complete of warm, youthful and cheerful power, generating it a great and lively spot for relaxation and parties with pals and via the decor you can see the vigorous and nomadic spirit of its young owners.

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