Elegant Gray Kitchen Produced Of Stone

Sculpted like a massive coarse, gray sculpture the concrete kitchen Signature will undoubtedly be in the center of consideration in any interior.

Cold gray, clean industrial, revealing the harsh unspoilt beauty of nature and stone, Signature is designed by the Belgian architect Glenn Sestig for the furnishings business Obumex.

The kitchen is breaking the boundaries of modern design and as effectively as its standards. It is a contrast of lightness and heaviness, fearlessness and meekness, with characteristics coming from its sharp but elegant contours. The inspiration for this impressive design and type comes from the want of the designer to create a unique space that will be emphasized by a striking element with vertical lines instead of standard horizontal lines that are typically present when designing kitchen cabinets.

With this notion the sculptural stone kitchen provides a new conceptual design in vertical path, which visually opens and expands the space. Signature characteristics contemporary and simultaneously sensible design and style which involves a functioning region which can be utilised as a table for swift snacks, a desk or a space that unites the whole family together.

(Photo Credits: Jean-Pierre Gabriel)