Exciting 3D-printed House In Amsterdam

Playing with the possibilities of 3-dimensional printing, architectural studio DUS Architects produced all modern 3D-printed property. Named “urban cabin”, the compact residence has dark notes, an fascinating fairy-tale type and is set beside the canals in Amsterdam.

The house has an exciting, irregular shape and the façade is constructed with geometric pattern. There is a small porch where you can rest in the courtyard with views of nature. The home is tiny and compact. Apart from the small porch, the interior can match a double bed or a sofa that can be opened as a bed. The space is comfy sufficient for a relaxing weekend in nature.

The concept of “DUS Architects” was to use such prefabricated homes for temporary housing in places of organic disasters. In such cases, once the want for its use ceases, the material can be recycled and employed for one thing else.

(Photo Credits: Sophia van den Hoek)