Great Functional Loft Inspired By The Architecture Of An Old Abandoned Cotton Factory

Awesome Functional Loft

This stunning loft apartment developed by quattro studio, may be on the smaller side but its layout is super wise! The style makes the most of the compact layout by striking the excellent balance between functionality and openness. Furthermore, the little apartment features an elegant feel. It has a lofted workplace and bedroom, while simultaneously clearing out tons of space for alternative life-style necessity. 

Amazing Functional Loft 2

This apartment further simplifies its interiors to the most fundamental of components so as to stretch the space obtainable. Even though the dimensions are little, for that reason, it is clear that the designer knows how to make every little thing operate in a harmonious way. For instance, the wide open space is adequate for basic residence workouts. 
Amazing Functional Loft 3

Providing stunning hues, this loft is the best exemplification of kind and function. The elegant furnishings, appealing coloring, layout of furniture, and use of space goes a extended way to show that a lot more is genuinely significantly less. Almost everything has a meaningful – nearly magical – touch to it. Is it any wonder that this space appear both habitable and cozy with no overdoing on the décor? 
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Inspired by the gorgeous architecture of an old abandoned Cotton Factory in our house town, we decided to participate in the Evermotion challenge “Whole A Lot Of Loft”. Our principal goal was to represent its special atmosphere the way we saw and experienced it. We chosen extremely meticulously every single element of the interior and spent a lot of time in modeling, texturing and lighting.


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