How I Styled My Home With TK Maxx’s Latest Indian Homewares

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First of all, please get rid of any preconceived, clichéd ideas you have about Indian homewares! As this post will prove, all manner of styles and colours of homewares now come out of India and, thanks to their massive buying power and unique business model, TK Maxx can tap into this. During February, their stores are full of beautiful and interesting pieces from this exotic country. Keen to show how these pieces can work in any style of home, I popped into my local store (Chatswood) and selected some pieces (it was hard to know where to stop!) to have a play with at home.

Everything on these shelves, bar the books, is from TK Maxx, priced from $9.95 to $16.95. Amazing!

If you’;re not familiar with TK Maxx (they’;ve been in Australia for less than a year, but in America and Europe for ages, and I was a regular shopper in the UK), they’;re all about selling big brands at small prices. Not only that, but they can bring in quality fashion and homewares from all around the globe. I personally think it is one of the best places to buy expensive-looking decor that’;s different to what everyone else has (and we have become guilty, as a society, of buying the latest mass produced stuff, so our homes are starting too look a little too similar!). You don’;t go to TK Maxx with a plan; you go with an open mind and in the mood to search for the perfect cushion/pair of shoes/mirror/jeans you never knew you had to have!

This wool rug is just $29.95

The favourite items I’;ve found in store are decorative objects; you know, those beautiful things that have no real purpose other than to look nice?! It’;s also great for cushions, throws, smaller rugs and photo frames. And there are plenty of examples of all of these in the latest handmade Indian drop. I’;d describe my own interiors as classic and colourful with a modern edge. I’;m not really a neutral girl and I love gold accents. I found plenty of things that worked with my existing pieces and love that they look like I could have collected them over the years.

I’;m a sucker for navy. I love the animal print cushion ($29.95) and box ($9.95) which fit right in in my bedroom! The timber frame is just $6.95, the brass ornament $9.95 and the beaded cushion $39.95.
These perspex and brass bookends are a favourite of mine and a steal at $16.95 each

I have the largest shelving unit ever in my lounge room and I’;m always looking for things to fill it (I sometimes call it Jen’;s homewares store!). My impressive collection of design books aside, it is all about the decorative and the odd framed photo. I loved adding my TK Maxx goodies to this display and found they worked really well.

The details and fabric of these 3 cushions ($29.95 to $39.95) are very high quality.
There were lots of single and multiple hooks to choose from and they could be used for so many things. This was just $9.95.

I enjoy making an effort for dinner parties and I loved the placemats, napkins and tea towels (does anyone else have tea towels they keep for best/display? Yeah, I thought so!) I found. They worked really well with my existing gold cutlery.

Placemats ($29.95), tea towels ($9.95) and brass ornament ($9.95)

What struck me about all my picks was the amazing quality for the price. You really can’;t beat it, especially when you’;re looking at handmade and therefore one-off pieces. There was a really eclectic mix too, rather than one or two particular looks.

I tried this rug in the dining room too and I love the brass ornament ($9.95) and beaded linen cushion ($39.95) on the buffet.

TK Maxx’;s huge product range includes fashion for women, men and kids, shoes, accessories, luggage, beauty, toys, lingerie and homewares for every room. Opportunistic buying and a no frills operation means they can pass significant savings onto customers. The average TK Maxx store receives several deliveries per week with thousands of new items arriving on shop floors, meaning stock is consistently fresh. This creates the treasure hunt shopping experience they’;re known for.

I hope you like my picks and how I styled them. Have I inspired you to pop into your local off-price department store TK Maxx and see what it’;s all about? I promise, you won’;t regret it!

So, don’;t hang around! Visit your local store to see what Indian treasures they have, as stock won’;t last long!

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