ILA: A Line Of Ingredients For Your Residence

Photographer and stylist Karen Mordechai founded Brooklyn-primarily based Sunday Suppers 6 years ago as a way to encourage men and women to get with each other and share a meal. The dinner series quickly grew in popularity and they continued to concentrate on each and every created-with-adore meal and all the specific components, which have been selected with care. As time went on, a collection of important ingredients formed, all that had been used to produce scrumptious meals with content memories. This led to the formation of ILĀ, a line of ingredients important for your kitchen and house.


The items are thoughtfully sourced from around the globe with with hopes of inspiring you to produce your own shared meal within your own home. The collection contains a range of sea salts, spices, maple syrup, wildflower honey, and olive oil in basic, minimalist packaging made by Studio Faculty and printed by Tim Chapman of Press NY.


Just recently they completed a productive Kickstarter campaign to raise funds required to bring this project globally.

ILA-Components-Kitchen-Salts-Oils-4 ILA-Ingredients-Kitchen-Salts-Oils-5 ILA-Ingredients-Kitchen-Salts-Oils-6 ILA-Ingredients-Kitchen-Salts-Oils-7 ILA-Ingredients-Kitchen-Salts-Oils-8 ILA-Components-Kitchen-Salts-Oils-9 ILA-Ingredients-Kitchen-Salts-Oils-10