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Arts And Crafts Style Furnishings By Moooi

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arts-and-crafts-style-furniture-moooi-1.jpg This arts and crafts style furniture collection from Moooi brings some vintage style into your residence. The matching wardrobe, chest and grandfather clock created by Studio Job have a unique, hand-produced top quality that you just do not see every day. Inspired by old-world Frankish furnishings, these freestanding solid pine pieces boast classical silhouettes, stained white and painted with colorful characters, lacquered to a glossy finish that will final for years to come. Elaborate roses, skulls, feathers and keys lock away a story that only your imagination can reveal. Placed in a playful bedroom or a lively, lighthearted living space, this painted furnishings collection makes an adventurous addition to any house. Discover more by going to Moooi. style=”text-align: none”>
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