20 Photos That Showcase The Top Bathroom Trends Of Spring 2018

Most spring makeovers start in the living or kitchen. They also tend to end with these two rooms as well, with most of us having little time or energy to venture beyond the obvious. This is how we end up with the same, uninspiring bathroom year after year. While many of us tend to underrate the bathroom in terms of the value it brings to our life, a serene and rejuvenating bathroom can make a big difference indeed. Some might prefer the spa-styled bathroom while others could opt for a more rustic look in the bathroom with modern overtones. Irrespective of your preferences, top bathroom decorating trends of spring 2018 offer something for everyone! Read More

Cool Ways To Bring Velvet Decor Into Your Home

Everything that was once old is now new when it comes to décor. This is the year of bringing back traditional pieces and expanding on the idea of making them a main feature in the home. Which brings us to one of the best trends- Velvet. The traditional fabric is coming back with a vengeance and making a statement in traditional homes. The following are cool ways to add velvet to your décor. Read More

Destination Wedding Romance At Sandals

With Chicago winter in full swing, I can’t help but wish for the sunshine and tropical breezes of gorgeous Jamaica. Earlier this year I had the privilege of visiting the spectacular Sandals South Coast with Aisle Society, and y’all, it was absolutely paradise. If you’re dreaming of a Caribbean destination wedding, there are no resorts more lovely (or stress-free!) than Sandals Resorts. We were treated to an exclusive preview of Sandals’ new Aisle to Isle experience, and let me tell you, it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Featuring 8 all-new, luxurious choices inspired by the tropics, gardens, romance, passion, nature, and sand and sea, each Aisle to Isle design offers absolutely swoon-worthy attention to detail and a destination wedding experience like no other. From personalized wedding décor to authentic events, Sandals’ Aisle to Isle concept is fully customizable and will deliver any couple’s dream wedding in paradise. Oh, and you and your guests will enjoy a completely blissful, all-inclusive Caribbean vacation experience too. Trust me, a visit to Sandals is basically heaven. Read More

The Golden Brass Stine Goya Kitchen By Reform

Stine Goya Kitchen is a minimal kitchen renovation using kitchen designs by Copenhagen-based studio Reform. Stine Goya, being an internationally respected fashion designer, wanted a kitchen that reflects both her style and personality. As a result, the pure golden brass finish was used for her new showroom and head office in Copenhagen. Read More