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Romantic Beige Apartment That Won’t Make Your Bored

Beige walls make you yawn, don’t they? You just have to have a look at our today’s post to change your mind. This project proves the fact that even such a trivial color as beige can look fresh in skillful hands of a qualified designer, who had to literally reclaim some of her ideas from the clients. And in the end everyone is happy ;-) Read More

Ultra-Functional Two-Room Apartment For People With Much Stuff

The hosts of this newly-built two-room apartment are a young family couple with a 4-year-old kid. Despite a limited residential area of their new flat, they had plenty of wishes regarding their future home nest. Firstly, they wanted a living room and kitchen to be open-plan. Besides, there had to be an isolated bedroom for their daughter, so their own sleeping area had to be arranged within the open-plan living room. Thirdly, they wanted to preserve an originally envisaged pantry and have many storage zones for their stuff and sporting equipment besides. Also, they wanted their bathroom to be separated from a WC. Finally, both the husband and the hostess needed work areas: the host works on a laptop and the hostess likes sewing. As for the decorative aspects, they wanted the floors to be wooden and the walls – light. Also, both spouses like light blue and turquoise colors and wanted them to play the role of color injections. So, let’s see how the author of the project managed to consider all these challenging desires! Read More