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50 Small Apartment Living Rooms With The Best Space-Saving Ideas

Space – there is plenty of it around in the universe and science will tell you that almost 99 percent of it is empty. Yet, we are constantly in search for ways in which we can maximize space within the four walls of our own home! It is a perplexing aspect of life and every week we come across various designs and ideas that aim to give your limited home a more spacious and cheerful vibe even while being aesthetic. But today we take this a step further by looking at the 50 best small apartment living rooms from across the world and understanding what we can borrow from these innovative and exciting spaces. Read More

50 Best Space-Savvy Small Apartment Bedrooms Offer A Comforting Escape

There is simply nothing like the comfort of home. It takes much more than just furniture and a smart interior filled with color to turn a house into a comforting home. Creating a living environment that you are happy with and feel welcomed in is as much about your personal taste and style sensibility as it is about maximizing space in an efficient fashion. In the small urban apartment, a tiny bedroom offers the ultimate escape from it all – from the noise, constant rush and never-ending race with the clock! Despite its limited size, small bedrooms often feel a lot more inviting than their more spacious counterparts. At the end of the day, we all crave for a personal haven where we relax and rejuvenate. Read More

Coolest Tiny Brownstone Apartment On The Upper West Side, New York

modern-staircaseA compact and awkward brownstone apartment on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, New York has been completely transformed by Specht Architects. Located at the top of a six-story building, this 425 square foot space offered a kitchen and dining area, a small living area up a few steps and a bedroom and bathroom on […] Read More