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A Modern Apartment In São Paulo For Two Brothers Looking To Entertain

Flavio Castro, of FCstudio, took the reins of the renovation of this 60-square-meter (approx. 645-square-feet) apartment in São Paulo, Brazil, with the first order of business being to open up the sectioned off interior. The layout had to be restructured to fit the lifestyles of two young brothers to include a living room, TV room, dining room, kitchen, laundry, balcony, and office in one single space. The result is the Vila Olimpia Apartment complete with modular pieces that can be rearranged to accommodate their needs and adapt with them over time. Read More

A Kiev Apartment Gets A Modern Interior With A French Feel

OM Architecture just recently completed renovation of the F Apartment in Kiev, Ukraine, giving it a modern interior with a touch of French flair. The apartment spans 80-square-meters (approx. 861-square-feet) and is finished with just enough furniture to make it a comfortable space without it being overcrowded. Read More

Perfect Apartment In Blue, Yellow And White: Cheerful And Space-Savvy Design!

A lot goes into the perfect design of a small home. In the urban environment where space is even more precious, one needs to combine the right decorating style with space-savvy solutions and a smart color palette for the ideal result. Designed by TOKI HOME, this vibrant and beautiful apartment in Vietnam was crafted to meet the demands of a mother and her young son. One can instantly notice the way in which color has been used to provide cheerful brightness and inviting aura to the space even while keeping visual fragmentation down to a bare minimum. Read More