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Marble, Architecture, And Geometrics Come Into Focus At MIDO 2017

The Italian Trade Commission takes notable pride in touting the MIDO Milano Eyewear Show as the international eyewear show of the world. And why not? With the exhibit’s characteristically exuberant and international pastiche of 1,200 exhibitors strewn throughout seven pavilions visited by far more than 55,000 attendees, MIDO can occasionally really feel much less like an industry-only trade show and much more like a celebratory party where everybody is dressed excellent and accessorized with the finest eyewear. Read More

Biomimicry & Design: Brazilian Architecture Inspired By Rainforest

The word “biomimicry” is derived from two Greek terms: “bios” &#8211 life and “mimesis” — mimicry. This is the sphere of style, which implies the use of organic mechanisms for producing innovative approaches in human life spheres, such as transport, city infrastructure and architecture. This post is committed to a notion retailer “Firma Casa” positioned in the Brazilian city of Sao Paolo. This shop is one of the ideal examples of biomimicry as it is organized on the principle of a tropical forest. Read More