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Expertise Modern Day Architecture In Japan With The Modern Art + Architecture Tour

Each and every year, CA+AT (Contemporary Art + Architecture Tour) brings a pick group of creative folks on a curated journey to find out the greatest contemporary art and architecture web sites in the planet. This sort of “retreat for inventive minds” (as they like to get in touch with it) is not merely a vacation—it’s an inspiring learning knowledge through an on-web site exploration of what open air museums: locations where architecture, art, landscape blend collectively in a unified project linked to a specific site, stimulating an exchange amongst tour guests on creative processes, social change, and environmental regeneration. Read More

Designer Profile: Seada Linardi Of SLAB Architecture

Born in Bosnia and raised in Croatia, Seada Linardi migrated to Australia when she was eight years old and is now one of the increasing stars of Melbourne’s architectural scene. “I usually wanted to be a designer and I honestly believe it was in my blood. I know it is a cliché but there wasn’t ever any doubt as to what I would grow to be,” says Seada who is currently building a residence with her husband (and fellow architect) Jesse Linardi in the Melbourne suburb of Collingwood. Read More