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How To Develop A Bold, Gorgeous Bathroom

When you are tackling home renovation projects, the bathroom is a hard one to get correct. Very first of all, there’s a lot of sensible considerations that have to be factored into what is frequently a modest space. Then, there’s the reality that you won’t be spending that considerably time in there compared to the rest of the home, so how much time and income do you really want to devote to it? Read More

Reflection Of Style: 20 Dashing Mirrors To Total Your Dream Bathroom

Consider about arranging for the best bathroom that is inspired by a trip to your favourite spa (or even anything far much less extravagant) and you are often spending an massive quantity of time shopping for the right bathtub, tile and vanity. But in all this rush, one more essential piece of bathroom décor appears to be neglected more frequently than not. The gorgeous and dashing mirror above the vanity is some thing that we all have a tendency to simply neglect about. But it is this that tends to make a enormous difference to the ambiance of the bathroom and turns even the smallest powder area into a dashing delight. Read More

Big Reveal: Our Bathroom Revamp

When we moved into our new property just more than a year ago the first project we wanted to do was a bathroom revamp. As life goes, a single gets busy and begins with all sorts of other projects. The patio was our 1st renovation project, I did a blog post on it right here. We then re-painted […] Read More

Exquisite Modern Bathroom Vanities With Space-Savvy Style

We are constantly on the lookout for approaches in which we can maximize space with no giving up on either style or functionality. When it comes to contemporary bathrooms, it is the vanity and the sink with the mirror above that finish up defining each the aesthetics of the space and its final style. The floating vanity is undoubtedly the most common option amongst home owners as it allows a single to generate a sense of spaciousness visually without having sacrificing practicality. But what if you could take this space-savvy goodness a notch greater with corner vanities and smart décor that revamp your bathroom with a dash of panache? Read More

20 Items I Learned From My 1st Bathroom Reno


I recently shared the photographs of our gorgeous completed bathroom and WC with you. And although we&#8217re delighted with it, you know I like to hold items true, and we all know that renos are rarely smooth-operating and tension-cost-free! So while there were some hiccups behind the scenes, I thought sharing what we discovered from these may possibly be helpful details for anybody about to embark on their very first reno too. So, read on for my prime learnings from the encounter, warts and all! Read More