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Master Bathroom Redecorating Ideas

The master bedroom is one of the most private places of a home, therefore, it deserves to be a show-stopper that makes you want to relax and unwind from your busy day. After all, if you want to create a space that works with your space and showcases your personality. Here are a few show-stopping master bedroom redecorating ideas to inspire your next renovation. Read More

White Bathroom Designs That Will Inspire Your Next Renovations

White is chic, sharp, modern and the perfect color to brighten your bathroom space. If you have been eyeing your next bathroom renovation or are looking for inspiration the following bathroom designs are sure to inspire you to want to change your aesthetics to a more crisp and airy space. Read More

Bathroom Sink Ideas That Bring Your Space To Life

The bathroom sink can be the perfect focal point in the bathroom due to it being one of the very first things people look at when they walk into the space. Additionally, the sink can be one of the only counter space you may have to place trinkets you love or decorative pieces. Here are bathroom sink ideas that will bring your space back to life. Read More

Give Your Bathroom The Spa Feeling It Deserves

Dreaming of having a more relaxing space that allows you want to retreat after a long day? If so, your bathroom may be in need of a spa twist. What better way to relax than to have a touch of spa in your bathroom! Here are a few ways you can take your bathroom from ordinary to the perfect relaxation headquarters. Read More

How To Make A Copper DIY Bathroom Towel Rail

Somethims DIY’ing can be really simple and easy, this copper DIY bathroom towel rail is simply that. I got the idea making this rail when I did the Builders Warehouse mother’s day tray challenge. So when I started working on my ‘GROUNDED’ bathroom inspiration with ISCA Taps for Decorex 2018 Cape Town, I wanted to […] Read More