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Top Bathroom Color Trends Of The Season: Refreshing, Natural And Polished

Each new season brings with it fresh new color trends and while you might not want to embrace each and every ‘hot trend’, there are times when a simple change in color scheme helps immensely. Spring and summer are perfect time for quick bathroom makeover as you try and shed the last remaining signs of chilly winter. Spring is a time that celebrates colors of nature in an unabashed fashion and most of these colors look great even during the hotter summer months. With that in mind, here is a look at the top bathroom color trends of the season that promise to stay relevant for the rest of 2018 as well. Read More

Small Bathroom Decor Options

Whether you have a tiny powder room that needs revamping or your bathroom is small and compact. We have put together some interior decorating options for a small bathroom space that will not only enhance the room but will also make it appear larger. Here are a few options to help you make your small bathroom the bathroom of your dreams. Read More

Bathroom Lighting Ideas For Every Style

Bathroom lighting is notorious for not being the best lighting in the home due to it being one of the areas of the home that receives little to no natural lighting. Regardless of your decorating style, every bathroom could use a light fixture or two. From opulent to edgy, here are a few bathroom lighting ideas for every style bathroom style. Read More

Black And White Bathroom Ideas That Will Never Go Out Of Style

From grungy chic to elegant and sleek, black and white are staple colors that seem to bring a modern twist in any area of a home, especially in the bathroom space. These two shades together have a powerful way of elevating the aesthetics your current décor. Here are a few foolproof ideas that will never go out of style. Read More