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The Newest And Coolest Bathroom Wares: November Edition

It was only last month that we brought you a list of the latest bathroom wares we were loving and already do we have so many more to add, including a pink bath! I know it sounds outrageous, but my oh my it is gorgeous. So we’ve decided to start a monthly wrap… introducing our November list. Read More

Top 31 Awesome Decorating Ideas To Get Bathroom A Christmas Look

As the most important holiday of a year, there is no reason not to have your Christmas home in the best state. At least, you should let every part of your home soak in the festive spirit. Bathroom is generally one of the most overlooked areas of the home, when it comes to festival décor, […]

This post Top 31 Awesome Decorating Ideas to Get Bathroom a Christmas Look Read More

4 Bathroom Accessories You Need For Your Newly Renovated Space

So now you have your newly renovated bathroom. You’ve put in all the necessities such as the toilet and sink, and the bathtub or shower. But you know you are not yet done, right? Much like when you are preparing for a special occasion, you don’t just put on the clothes you are wearing to wear and leave for the event. You take time to choose what other things you can wear to complete the look. You may put on a watch, a necklace, or the perfect earrings to match your look. You also take time to choose even the bad and shoes before you deem your look complete and leave. Read More

Classy Ways To Make Your Bathroom A Winter Wonderland

Why should all the rooms in the home get special treatment in the winter, and the poor bathroom be left just as it is all at all other time of the year? Well, of course, the answer is that is shouldn’t, and you can make your bathroom a classy, and practical winter wonderland very easily. Just follow the advice below. Read More