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Beautiful Eco-Residence Complete Of Greenery In The Heart Of London

Trendy ecological theme and fashion for greenery hues progressively acquire global dimensions. Green residence textile, floral wallpaper and potted plants are excellent, but to let oneself really feel the complete beauty of greenery a entire property is essential. That’s specifically what two planet renowned firms – Pantone and Airbnb – figured out and proved their point. Read More

Beautiful Award-Winning Large Residence With Ocean View (Element 2)

In the prior post we discussed a stunning award-winning home project, which appears to be best in all elements: location, architecture, exterior and interior style. However, regardless of all the advantages of this gorgeous home, specialist interior designers identified a few drawbacks even in such an ideal location. Let’s uncover out what confused the specialists and what things have to be changed, added or re-made in their opinion. Read More

Loft Studio Apartment With Mezzanine & Beautiful Library

Instances change and layouts change as properly. Today it is difficult to uncover equivalent apartment plans – modern houses must be dynamic, one particular-of-a-kind and customized. Some men and women can do without a spacious kitchen, and others don’t need to have a preparation location at all, some are willing to have a full-fledged bedroom, whilst other individuals want a private function area. Wishes of this apartment’s owner had been also quite distinct: he is a European businessman and makes use of this Moscow flat just for the duration of his brief enterprise trips. Read More

Lavish Outdoors: Beautiful Courtyards And A Cloak Of Greenery Enchant At Casa O’

If spending more time outdoors than inside the confines of your home is your issue then you are bound to quickly fall in really like with the exceptionally charming Casa O’ in Ciudad de México, Mexico. More like a boutique luxury resort than a conventional modern home, this majestic and relaxing Mexican property was developed by Despacho Arquitectos HV to give its residents a luxurious and tranquil getaway that is draped in nature’s goodness. Step beyond the compound wall that is adorned by creepers and accentuated by flowery plants and you enter a green nirvana that feels both lavish and classic. Read More