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5 Tips To Choose A Perfect Theme For Your Bedroom

Everyone wishes to relax after a weary long hectic day. A cozy bedroom becomes the perfect place for you to relax after your routine schedule. Therefore you should design a bedroom not only to have a nice sleep but a place to be free and relieve your dreams. A well-designed bedroom with your favorite theme around will give you a happy morning after a good sleep. It will help you in starting your day with overloaded freshness. Read More

A Bedroom Makeover On A Budget

Tackling a bedroom makeover on a budget can seem like a daunting task, but it’s surprisingly easy to get a decadent look for less. From a DIY headboard to a plush chair, a few key upgrades can transform your space without the hassle of a major renovation. Keep reading for plenty of design inspiration and a slew of beautiful images that will inspire you to take your sleeping space to the next level! [photo below via DigsDigs] Read More

For Your Dream Bedroom: Eclectic Walk-in Closets With A Persona That Dazzles!

Designing your dream bedroom can be taxing at times. There are all the things that you crave in terms of design, ergonomics and luxury. Then you want to create some space for maybe a workspace in the corner, a cool reading nook or even a lovely conversation zone that sits right next to the fireplace. But most importantly, we all want a bedroom that helps us relax, rejuvenate and makes things easier at the end of the day. An organized closet or wardrobe is an essential component in making this a reality. But what if you could take the simple closet in the corner and turn it into a walk-in closet that holds your entire wardrobe, fashion accessories, shoes, collection of bags and a whole lot more! Read More

Tween Girl Bedroom Makeover By Cherie Barber For $500

The transition from tween to teenage years heralds a significant and often expensive personal style overhaul. During this time of rapid personality growth, how your teen styles their bedroom is just as important in expressing their newfound tastes as the clothes they wear. Read More