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Don’t Miss This Exclusive Bedroom Sale!

Last month The Bedroom Shop supplied 15% discount on all their furnishings. They have extended this bedroom sale till 31 March 2017 exclusively for lovilee readers. Their goodies are genuinely swoonworthy and the have been in the enterprise of assisting with quite space creation for over 20 years! Their March special &#8216Linen for Less&#8217 offers […] Read More

The Secret Components Of A Best Bedroom

What makes the best bedroom? For a lot of people, it’s sleeping quarters which ensures they get their forty winks at nights. Although other individuals may favor a bedroom which oozes style and charisma. To help you make the bedroom of your dreams, right here are the secret components of a ideal bedroom. Read More

55 Beautiful Kids’ Bedroom Finds That Amaze And Delight

It is hard to shop for yourself while redecorating a room or even planning for a new home. The task gets even trickier when you have to do it for others. Add in the fact that it is for individuals who you love the most on the planet and are incredibly fickle with their choices and it can quickly becoming daunting. That is right; we are talking about decorating the kids’ bedroom. It is a delicate act of balance between what you want, what the little one longs for and of course, what the budget dictates. Kids’ bedroom furniture can be amazingly varied, leaving you with endless choices. Read More

30 Beds And Headboards That Bring Colour To The Bedroom

We always emphasize on the fact that your bedroom must reflect your personality, offer a soothing and peaceful sanctuary and should be draped in colors that you love the most. We often tend to forget the last part of that equation in favor of hot trends and unassuming neutral that are glorified beyond necessity. The idea of a ‘picture-perfect’ bedroom draped in neutral colors and accentuated by a few pops of bright hues might seem great on paper, but it really is not the dream bedroom for all of us. Some of us tend to adore a bit more color, character and personality. It is precisely why you should consider a colorful bed frame and headboard! Read More