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The Best Yarn Crafts Ever? Absolutely

Have you been searching for gorgeous yarn crafts that you can make all year round? Look no further, today I’m sharing one of the most incredible yarn crafts around. By fabulous crafter and instagrammer Elizabeth of @Fancy Flamingo Design. You can find some of her insanely beautiful projects available for sale in her Etsy store!… Read More

A Sheltered Presence: Best Kitchens Under A Mezzanine For A Space-Savvy Home

The kitchen is heart and soul of the house. It is the place for much more than just preparation of meals. It is a gathering spot for the entire family. In modern homes with an open plan living, the kitchen brings families together. Add a breakfast counter and there is bound to be no shortage of activity before and after work each day. It makes sense then to give the kitchen a bit of extra attention. This needs to happen both in terms of aesthetics and ergonomics. But in contemporary urban homes where space is limited, a large kitchen often forces you to compromise on other rooms. We intend to get around this conundrum using vertical space and the mezzanine level! Read More

4 Best Summer Wedding Color Combos And 25 Examples

4 best summer wedding color combos and 25 examples cover

I know that the summer wedding season is far away now but the summer couples are already hurrying up with their preparations and I can’t help providing some ideas for them. Today’s roundup is dedicated to the best summer wedding color combos, they are timeless and will fit many wedding styles. Read More