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Beach House Decor That Bring Summer To Your Home All Year Round

If you are lucky enough to own a beach house, then you know the best part is decorating the space to bring the beach vibes directly indoor. However, if you are not as fortunate, there’re different ways you can take your home from “ordinary” to beach house galore. Here are a few easy beach house decorating ideas that bring summer directly into your home all year round. Read More

Space-Savvy And In Some Style: Trendy Decor Finds For The Small Home Office

The idea of a home office or home workspace where one spent considerable amount of time was a rarity not too long ago. But technology and changing lifestyles have completely altered the way homeowners look at home workspaces and today many are even willing to sacrifice a formal dining area or addition bedroom to accommodate a home office. As always, space becomes the key constraint when most of us start planning for a home office. From tiny corners in bedrooms and kitchen to multi-purpose rooms that can be used as workspaces, guest rooms and kids’ playrooms, there are plenty of ways in which we work around the spatial conundrum. Read More

Hotshots: Top Interiors And Décor Trends To Try Out This Summer

Spring has started to take a backseat in many regions of the world and summer is well and truly here in all its brightness and warmth. Transitioning from spring to summer in the decorating world is much easier than making a change from winter to spring or summer to fall. The change feels organic, pleasant and demands very little. It is more of an evolution than a revolution and often needs the bare minimum both in terms of effort and budget. With that in mind, we decided to share with our readers the top summer decorating trends that are both hot and impressive! Read More