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Fun DéCor Ways To Bring Good Luck To Your Home

Luck can be a tricky thing. Sometimes we feel lucky and sometimes we are wondering where all of our luck has gone. Sometimes we have to create luck around us ourselves. In fact, we can create luck right in our home by simply rearrange our décor or adding pieces that will benefit us. Adding a little bit of luck to your life and home has never been easier. Here are a few fun and trendy ways to bring good luck into your home while updating your décor. Read More

20 Dashing Modern Industrial Décor Finds

Love modern-industrial design? So do we; and the increasing number of townhouse and loft renovations across the world are only adding to the craze. Exposed brick walls in the living room, a touch of jaded metallic magic in the bedroom or even raw, concrete finish in the bathroom are no longer considered unsophisticated. With this new found love for distressed finishes and rough surfaces, there has been a spurt in décor that combines modern ergonomics with trendy industrial aesthetics. It is a marriage of form and functionality that delivers everything you need with an edgy, industrial vibe. Read More

We’re Feeling Fall With This Pumpkin Wedding Decor

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Sep 10, 2017

We’re Feeling Fall with this Pumpkin Wedding Decor

Pumpkins is a staple of autumn – and surprisingly chic to include in your fall wedding! In hues of cream, tea rose and apricot orange, pumpkins are easy to incorporate into any color-scheme as well. They make for festive additions to aisles, bouquets, lounge areas, centerpieces and so much more! If you are going to have an autumn wedding and plan on incorporating the season into your big day, you should consider adding a little pumpkin spice ;). Check out how these couples integrated pumpkin wedding decor for inspiration! Read More

6 Pieces Of Décor That Should Be Displayed In Duplicate

If you have ever heard about the “rule of three” – the strong visual power of compositions with an odd number of elements – then the idea of twoness will probably surprise you. But this concept does exist: three elements are meant to catch the eye of the observer, while a couple “works” in a different direction: it enhances interior design, adds the depth to it and visually expands the space. So, a stylish interior can’t do without such “couples” and we’d be glad to tell you what pieces of décor can be used in duplicate and what effects such compositions will produce. Read More