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Home Renovation In Washington DC Unveils Unique Design Details

This house on the corner was originally an eye-sore in its neighborhood, beautifully transformed by Lawlor Architects in the heart of Washington DC. The residence had suffered from years of neglect both inside and out. The client’s (a couple who were expecting their first child) goal was to transform their newly purchased pad into a […] Read More

Must-Know Interior Design Rules To Memorize Before Changing Your Home

Knowing the basics of interior design will help you out a lot when you want to make some stunning home decorating changes. The problem is that in most situations homeowners start to think about many things that are not actually that important. Getting stuck thinking too much about the minor things often leads to very bad results. You do not need to think about how some choices will impact your need to call air conditioning companies to move your air conditioner or how materials impact overall design. You often need to only think about the basics, with 3 important ones being presented below. Read More

Perfect Apartment In Blue, Yellow And White: Cheerful And Space-Savvy Design!

A lot goes into the perfect design of a small home. In the urban environment where space is even more precious, one needs to combine the right decorating style with space-savvy solutions and a smart color palette for the ideal result. Designed by TOKI HOME, this vibrant and beautiful apartment in Vietnam was crafted to meet the demands of a mother and her young son. One can instantly notice the way in which color has been used to provide cheerful brightness and inviting aura to the space even while keeping visual fragmentation down to a bare minimum. Read More

Stylish Pool Pavilion Design Ideas In Adirondack Mountains, New York

Started with eco friendly pool pavilion designs ideas, this best space for both gathering with our family and enjoy our holiday was become the best recommended space in this world. Located in New York, the green space of this pavilion was the best site in this earth. Both of furnishing plans of place and the attractive application of this space were rob our attention and eyes. In addition, both of exterior and interior space of this pavilion also will make us feel comfortable and calm. Through this comfortable green decoration for pool pavilion exterior decor our soul will feel such as in paradise of the world in this place since the view and condition of this space was very amazing and incredible. The designer of this space was smartly combining both natural and modern composition of this space and makes our eye being fresh and our soul being young. The main points of these decorative indoor swimming pool designs were as a space for hang out with our family or friends to enjoy our swimming activity. Variously, if we were place in this indoor swimming pool pavilion the thing that we were feel was juts comfortable and calm. Presented for those who want to feel both enjoyable and calm environment, they can try to apply out these stylish modern gazebo decorations through watch these unique pool pergola decorating plans.[via] Read More