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Wilsonart Student Chair Design And Style Competition: CUBE CLASS! Hands On Laminate

We have been covering this year’s Wilsonart Student Chair Design and style Competitors, lead by Grace Jeffers, Style Historian and components specialist. This year, students from San Diego State University (SDSU), below the guidance of professor Matt Hebert, have been designing and developing chairs on the theme of BORDERS / BOUNDARIES / MASHUP. The competitors sponsor, Wilsonart, is asking the students to discover this theme using Wilsonart’s signature laminate materials in their chair designs. Read More

Eco-Style Office Interior Design And Style Project

Traditionally the responses are not unanimous as to no matter whether the workplace interior design and style need to be performed in one particular style. Some businessmen believe that each and every area of the workplace space need to be special and authentic, or it’d be boring and dull. But specialist designers traditionally insist that it’s a golden rule to conform to the united style. Read More

IMM Cologne 2017: Celebration Of Hottest Design And Décor Trends

Even as you try and shake off Holiday Season blues and the New Year buzz, it is already time for a grand celebration of the furniture and interior design trends that will define homes and offices in 2017. The first big décor fair of the year is here and like always there is plenty to look forward to at the extravaganza that is IMM Cologne 2017. Much like the historic German city, the spectacle of IMM Cologne also comes with a long tradition – a tradition steeped in décor goodness, cutting-edge design and an event that brings together the best in the interior design industry from all across the globe. Read More

Design And Style Simplicity: Relaxing Prefab That Takes You Away From Urban Rush

When it comes to relaxing retreats in a remote place that allow you to escape the continuous hustle and bustle of city life, it is prefabricated houses that come to your rescue. Far far more affordable than regular housing choices and easier to build, prefabs decrease each construction expense and time drastically. This Retreat in José Ignacio was crafted by MAPA provides an idyllic refuge for its denizens as it sits on a countryside-beach lot in Uruguay. Bringing with each other the charm of open fields and a gorgeous lagoon with the breezy freshness of the sea, the small prefab is all about functionality ahead of form. Read More

Classic Cottage Design

For the standard enjoy of yours, we present you this subsequent house. This residence is a classic piece of the standard outlook with a tinge of contemporary upfront. This property was constructed for the sole objective of living in a comfy space with the fundamental amenities accessible in the nearby place. The house dons a look of the traditional big property with a spacious porch to loosen up in the evening for snacks and some exquisite view. The interior is as considerably a treat for the eyes as the exteriors. The wood function carried out in here complements the easy, subtle outlook of the home. This 2 bedroom house is one thing to grab by and live there for eternity. Read More