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How To Develop Plants From Seed: Guide On Seedlings (Element 3)

Congratulations! Following the instructions from the previous posts we have sowed the carefully ready seeds into correct containers and soil mixtures. What we need now is to take suitable care about our seedlings, giving them the most favorable situations for growth – timing, light and temperature… Read More

10 Modern Products Produced From Cork

It’s very good enough to include our wine and champagne thanks to it becoming tough and impenetrable, along with its cushion-like properties, so it makes sense that it’s growing in reputation as a go-to material. Designers continue to rethink the all-natural material by generating really cool goods that you’d never ever consider would come in anything other than its original kind. Take a appear at these 10 goods that take cork to a entire new level. Read More

How To Develop Plants From Seed: Guide On Seedlings (Part 1)

For everybody who dreams about growing organic vegetables on their household plots we’d like to remind: experienced vegetable growers are already receiving prepared for a new season. The end of February is the greatest time to commence planting seeds. This will not just brighten up last winter days and expectations of spring, but will be very helpful for the future harvest. Read More