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Before & After: From Tired 1980’s To Monochrome Magic

Backing onto national park and located at Peregian beach, just south of Noosa, this home was originally built in 1982 and, while well-maintained, was in dire need of a refresh when renovation specialist Maria Baron from Black and White Projects bought it recently. Read More

Natural Looking Hair And Makeup From Etoilly Artistry

While natural looking hair and makeup is “the” aesthetic for today’s bride, achieving this effect actually takes a lot of hard work. This sophisticated-yet-natural bridal look is Etoilly Artistry’s area of expertise. Don’t just take our word for it, though…check out (and follow!) their awesome Instagram for clear and gorgeous evidence of their exceptional hair Click here to read the rest of this post » […] Read More

Going Global: Design Lessons From The Chandelier

Whether hanging above a dining table, in a stairwell or even in a closet, the chandelier is a showstopper. And arriving at this designed object took the help of nearly all of Europe. The proto-chandelier was a metal, circular holder for oil cups in mosques during the Middle Ages. Crusaders in the Middle East took the idea home and created hanging candelabras for their cathedrals. Belgian brass artisans in the 11th century gave them the shape we recognize, and Italian gem cutters added faceted smoky-gray crystals. Finally, a new, clear lead glass made in London gave us the stunning crystals objects that hang in the Palace of Versailles. And designers are still fascinated with redesigning and reinterpreting the chandelier. Read More