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House Milk BEFORE: Living Space Redesign With Emily Henderson

Yep, I’ve gotten myself into another internet makeover/redesign. Actually this one has been going on behind the scenes for ALMOST A YEAR. This is real life design, not a 2-day TV makeover. Emily Henderson and I got to talking last year about my new house (which isn’t so new anymore). I told her that I brought some pieces to CA, then quickly purchased a few pieces for the space right when we moved in so we could entertain, but I wasn’t happy and needed help. The space is an open floor plan that has both a main living area and dining room. It’s a space that needed both division and cohesion. I’m not a designer, and I have no time (or talent… or vision!) to make this space what it needed to be. Read More

Inspirational Mountain House Designs With Glossy And Super Stylish Furnishing Ideas

The glossy mountain residence inspirations in this site were show the perfect integration of futuristic style with minimal character. We will see the nice landscaping of mountain home with the future look inspiration in this page. The construction of the building combine with the humble decoration of both exterior and interior were become another concept of this home. The green and clean living room ideas were uses the theme of open landscaping view integrates with the minimal construction for the interior and the furniture arrangement. Directly we were be able to see the nice landscape of mountain residence in modern touch. The handsome indoor pool landscape will give safety feeling for those parents who have kids. We still can keep an eye for them where they were play around this place. The hygiene bathroom space furnishing will maximize the main function of this bathroom and the places of inspirational contemporary bedroom layouts will complete the theme of humble and classical style of usual mountain home. Those whole nice inspirations were provided by these super stylish mountain house designs.[via] Read More

Tiny House For Under $1,000

No doubt the tiny house is everyone’s dream. You also would like to have such a dwelling but are unwilling to spend much money on it? Here we offer you to the arched cabin! The standard model 8 by 8 can be your own for under \$1,000 but if you say 8 by 8 is not enough for you , there are larger sizes like 24 by 24. Besides saving a lot of money by choosing this type of tiny home, the company that sells them constructs the whole thing after delivering it to your address. You can decorate this modern tiny house in any way you want. Below there are pictures to get a better decoration of what life in one of these cabins would be like. Read More