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Pool House With A Curved Living Roof Makes A Bold Green Statement

One architectural feature that we believe should definitely catch on quickly with homeowners across the globe is the gorgeous green roof! Living roofs might not be practical in every region of the globe, but wherever possible and whenever used, they make a big difference to the structure that they adorn. And we are not talking about ecological impact alone; green roofs also add to the aesthetics of a structure and this dashing modern pool house in Westlake Hills, Texas is another perfect case in the point. Designed by Murray Legge Architecture, this lovely pool house sits next to an expansive outdoor hangout, swimming pool, spa and green landscape. Read More

How To Stage A House For Sale

Moving is an exciting venture for anyone, but before you can move, you must first sell your home. In order to sell it at the highest price and quickly, you need to stage your home. People don’t like looking through an empty home as much as they like looking through a staged home. Similarly, a house that is too lived in won’t attract many buyers either, as they need to be able to picture themselves in the home, and if too many of your belongings are there, then it becomes distracting. To sell your home quickly, you must stage it. To stage it well, follow this quick guide: Read More