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Darren Palmer’s House: New Kitchen Tour!

We took you inside Darren Palmer’s Bondi home last year and while it looked fabulous, it was a self-confessed work in progress. Something of a kitchen expert (the one in Darren’s Edgecliff renovation was a real beauty), his latest effort is a super stylish Scandinavian inspired space. And while the home’s original kitchen wasn’t old (it was installed in 2010) it was along basic lines and Darren wanted something more high-tech. Read More

5 Things To Consider Before Starting Construction On A House

Building your dream home is often considered the level up from the standard American dream of owning your own home. Building the exact home you want or renovating an existing property to fit your exacting specifications is certainly harder than just moving into an existing home and living with it. Here are 5 things to consider before starting construction on a house. Read More

Z House: Expansive Israeli Home Flows Into Beautiful Landscape Outside!

Nature is thankfully once again becoming a big part of modern home design with eco-conscious homeowners willing to sacrifice bright city lights for rustic tranquility. The Z House in Israel is one such beautiful contemporary residence where the house itself meanders its way through the landscape and becomes one with the world outside. It is a symbiotic relationship between architecture and nature; one complements the other and does so in an organic fashion. A lovely walkway through the large garden adds another layer of charm with the living area flowing into the deck and pool space. Read More

Incredible Creative Round Tree House Designs With Warm Interior Landscape

The perfect humble Japanese culture inspirations were clearly can be seen in this page and will inspire us through the real condition of the house included with the interior and furnishing plans of the home. Here, we were be able to see the real perfect combination between humanism character style and the simple application of the building itself. The combination between concrete and wooden material was amazingly touch our imagination and mind. We can apply the concept of these incredible concrete tree house integrations completely or just the detail of the home side. When we were looking down the lights of the house, the Japanese culture was perfectly impact both projects work and concept of this living space. Covered with colorless paint application, we can try to combine with our own culture if we want. Look at this creative round tree house interior and we will see the round construction of wood combine with the concrete material. The window application that covers this space will make remarkable and smoothly touch our heart. Now, let’s turn into these warm and friendly home landscape decorations.[via] Read More