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Rilak’s Relax House In Alibunar, Serbia By Modelart Arhitekti

Rilak’s Relax House is a family residence in Alibunar, Serbia, designed by Modelart Arhitekti to be a vacation home with all the bells and whistles. The two-story structure consists of a ground floor with the public living spaces and one bedroom and bathroom, and the attic that houses three bedrooms with an open sitting area in the middle. Read More

15 Glitter Accents Perfect For Jazzing Up The House

On the walls, on the sofa, or in the bedroom, there are an infinite number of ways to utilize a bit of shimmer and shine throughout your home. Not only does it bring in some feminine touches but it adds a vibrant, youthful spirit to the mix as well. Let’s check out some of our favorite finds. These 15 glitter accents are truly perfect for jazzing up the house. Read More

Concrete Planes And Glass Walls Steal The Spotlight At Miravent House

There is beauty in simplicity. This is especially true in case of home design and decorating. Instead of spending endless hours on complicated form and flowery overtones, one can achieve an equally impressive result by sticking to the basics. Do not believe us? Then check out the Miravent House in Spain designed by Perretta Arquitectura. It has an undeniably elegant form and achieves this by putting together horizontal concrete planes and unobstructed glass walls. It feels all too simple and yet wows you instantly; the blend of textures the intersecting planes and the simple straight lines! Read More

This Semi-Detached Edwardian Terrace House Gets A Brilliant Modern Makeover

Finding old homes in and around the city of Melbourne that are in need of quick and nifty makeover is nothing new. This semi-detached and single-fronted Edwardian terrace house in Brunswick, Australia found itself in a similar predicament before its homeowners turned to Chan Architecture for a modern and energizing facelift. The existing house was more than 100 years old and that meant that much of the revamp needed to happen in the rear, living the street facade largely untouched. Then there are the constraints of space with most of these Aussie homes having a long, narrow silhouette. Read More