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21 Monthly Bullet Journal Page Ideas To Make You Super Productive!

Are you in need of some bullet journal page ideas to envision your month? There isn’t just one way to create a bullet journal layout, which is why I love bullet journaling so much!   Some incredible superstars are coming up through the bullet journaling movement, and you can even take this fabulous course on… Read More

20 Creative Window Box Ideas

If you want to add visual interest and a splash of color to your home, window boxes filled with different combinations of plants will be a great idea.The essential attractiveness of window boxes is cute gardens in miniature. In this post, you can check out 25 cute and creative window boxes.They will add living personality to your sweet home.You will enjoy the beauty and serenity of a garden without spending much money, time and energy. Read More

15 Kitchen Banquette Seating Ideas For Your Breakfast Nook

Ignite your breakfast nook on fire with some gorgeous kitchen banquette seating ideas. Have your morning come to life with the family by adding some benches and chairs that work smoothly together. It provides so much warmth and welcoming spirits to your breakfast, and you’ll love its place with the natural lighting by the windows. Take a peek and maybe you’ll have a bit of a redesign to start on this weekend. Read More

Fancy Glossy Glass Staircase Designs With Minimal Ideas

These entire best glass staircase designs were presented for those who still confused on how to give direct link for their home with something simple and gorgeous decoration. Completely, the availability of this direct stairs was tried to give an expressive space for us. We can use our own imagination to make it real and get such us satisfaction in our life. Here were several glossy cool glass staircase inspirations that were uses glass material as the main component material for our home. The floating application of staircase system was close here since the sensitive character of the glass. If there were those who want to apply floating glass staircase, the most important thing that they have to think was the strong character of the glass. These fancy and funky invisible staircase probably mid-floating glass staircase applications that were strengthen by stainless steel material to hold up. Other material combination that we can try was the wooden material with minimalist thought too. The minimalist style of wood was trying to combine and balance the character of the glass. Through looking down these minimal home appliance design ideas, now we were already knew several inspiration of simple practical staircase inspirations.[via] Read More

15 Easy Last-Minute DIY Valentine’s Day Jewelry Ideas To Your Rescue!

Time does fly by! You have been meaning to pick up a gift for Valentine’s Day for a while now, but you simply were too busy with other stuff. Maybe you wanted to make something special that says you care. But time does not really wait for anyone and February 14th is pretty much here. Yes, the day of love is tomorrow and if you do not really have a gift for your beloved, then you are definitely not alone in that boat. Of course, as always, we are more than happy to bail out our readers and make sure they reach the shore safe and sound. Yup, here are the 15 best DIY Valentine’s Day jewelry ideas to turn to! Read More